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Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Camera

As I have mentioned lately, I got a new camera a few days ago. Both George and I have been looking at cameras for quite some time. I wanted him to get HIS first --but mine was in stock, so I got mine first. He will get his soon I hope!

George has been researching cameras for a long time, looking at different ones that we both like and can afford. My criteria: simple to operate; step or two up from a "point and shoot"; NO digital zoom (terrible for birding); and a LONGER lens for birding...

Here is the camera he chose for me: Canon Digital Rebel XSI 12MP Digital SLR Camera (Black) + Canon 18-55mm IS Lens + Canon 75-300mm III Lens + 4GB Cameta Accessory Kit. As you can see, there are two lenses with the camera, and one that I use for birding and long distance shots is the 75-300mm lens. The other one (18-55mm) will be used for everything else.

One thing I love about this camera is that it has an ' automatic' function which chooses all of the settings for me... It also permits 'semi-automatic' operations where I can make some necessary changes. Since I don't spend alot of time with manual settings (and don't understand aperture, etc.), this is perfect for me. However, I can change to a 'close-up' setting OR a 'flash-off' setting (which I use when shooting through the sliding glass door), a portrait setting, etc. etc. etc. There are many options --and I am gradually learning more about each of them.

In a word, I LOVE my new camera. IF you are a birder and are looking for a new camera, I definitely recommend this one!!! Here are some pictures I have taken since I got the new camera, in addition to a couple of shots George took of the new camera. Above is a picture of the camera showing the 300mm lens. Below are more!

This is the new camera with the smaller lens. I took most of my Saturday 'snow' pictures using this lens.

Here is a close-up of our FROZEN Rhododendron bush... It makes me wonder how bushes like this (with buds) can make it through such cold and icy/snowy weather.

In yesterday's blog (click HERE), I showed a picture of this bush (Confederate Jasmine) totally consumed with ice... WELL---after taking that picture on Saturday, we had another inch of snow. SO---I went back outside late in the afternoon and took a picture of the Jasmine again. I love this picture... BUT--just think!!!! First came the snow; then came the ice; finally came MORE snow!!!! Crazy weather, huh? Isn't it a pretty bush though with the latest dusting of snow on it???

We had beautiful blue skies yesterday ---and the icy trees were glistening... I took this picture with my longer lens --looking way up toward the top of the trees. Isn't this amazing??? Be sure to click on this picture to enlarge it.

Taking good bird pictures is much easier with the new camera. This little female Downy is standing on the clothes line (which is icy) --waiting for a turn at the Suet feeder.

We have TONS and TONS of Goldfinches this winter. This little guy looks like he is saying: "This clothes line is COLD on my little footsies"....

These are the types of pictures I have never been able to take until now. This little female Bluebird was WAY up in a tree... I captured her --using my longer lens. Neat, huh?????

I hope to be able to share LOTS of great photos with you. One thing that I can say for sure though: I am LOVIN' this camera!!!


P.S. We loved seeing the blue skies and the sunshine yesterday... AND---even though the temperatures were still below freezing all day, the sun was warm enough to melt the ice on the satellite dish... SO--our TV was working again before noon!!!! George was thrilled not to have to climb that ladder!!!