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Monday, March 6, 2017

Our special Cabin at Mt. Nebo State Park in Arkansas (Feb 13-17, 2017)

This year's visit to Cabin 60 at Mt. Nebo State Park in Arkansas was another fantastic week....Most of you who have followed my blog for years have heard all about this little cabin (which we call "OURS")....  Here are just a few of the things we love about being there:
-the little rustic cabin itself (perfect for us)
-the amazing wood-burning fireplace
-the total relaxation we feel when there
-the fantastic view of the valley below from our cabin on that mountain
-the wonderful back patio/porch where we can enjoy  life in peace
-the wildlife we enjoy seeing while there
-the quietness and solitude in that area (our cabin is not that close to other cabins)
-the hiking on that mountain
-the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we see while there;  We drive to Sunrise Point to see the sunrise,  but we can go outside into our back yard and see the sunset from there this time of year.

Today I will share with you some pictures taken this year around the cabin.  Hope you enjoy seeing more from Mt. Nebo...

A view of the valley below from the side of our cabin

Beautiful morning sky from Mt. Nebo as we waited for the sun to appear!

Our cabin from a distance (as we were coming back from a hike)

Another morning sunrise;  I was interested in seeing the mist on the water that morning.

Turkey Buzzard  (Not a pretty face --but gorgeous while watching them in flight)

Oh how we love to sit outside of our cabin and check out the views and the beauty.

A gorgeous sunrise from Mt. Nebo;  It is so wonderful to watch that sun pop up!!!!  (You can see a larger version of this sunrise as my header picture this month.)

Another view from the edge of the mountain as we walked toward our cabin

We love watching the deer on that mountain each year we go!!!

Sunset taken from our back porch/patio;  This is so special!!!

Two happy people at 'our' cabin in Mt. Nebo State Park,  Arkansas
Can you tell how much we LOVE being there?  Of all of our annual vacations to favorite places,  this has to be my all-time favorite...  As much as I love Ocean Isle Beach,   I am truly a mountain gal at heart!!!!!  Thanks to my Sweetheart for taking me to Mt. Nebo every year!!!!

Have a wonderful week, my friends...   I have had a relapse to my Respiratory problem --so am still struggling... I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow for the 2nd time... Pray for me please.  This is SO hard!