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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let it Snow.....

Are you tired of hearing about all of the snow in the SOUTH????  We have about 4 inches (maybe 5) ---but my son in Chattanooga had about 9 inches, and even Atlanta had several inches.  This is RARE for our part of the country.  I told someone today that I don't think we have seen the ground much at all here since Christmas.  We haven't had a 'big' snow yet--but we have had many small ones!!!

Just 'cause you 'want' to see MORE snow pictures,  I have a few to share today... Ha Ha.... Above is one of my favorites since it shows our big flowerbed in front almost totally covered with snow... Below are more.

George had the grill out on Sunday night since he fixed some Kielbasa for us...  Obviously,  we won't use the grill now!!!! ha

I took this picture out of the side sliding-glass door.  This is the upper side of the yard --looking toward the back.

This picture is of one of our side yard flowerbeds.  The snow really had piled up in this area.   This is the way our front flowerbed looked after a previous snow.  This time though, as you can tell by the first picture at the top,  the snow covered up the entire bed in the front.

Wanna come and sit  on the bench with me??????   This is the bench out front where I sit and admire all of our roses in Spring and Summer...  Don't think we'll be sitting out there anytime soon!!!!

Here is a picture of a couple of my feeders. The snow brought MANY birds to them yesterday, along with the other five feeders... They are eating us out of house-and home these days --but I'm glad I can feed them.

The birds really LOVE the new heated birdbath.  Above is a Bluebird and a Goldfinch.  For your information,  the heated birdbath does not really 'heat' the water.  It just keeps it from freezing.  Birds need to drink water --and it is hard for them to find water at certain times of the year.  Glad I could help!!!!

I love snow as much as my husband hates it...  Of course, he is the one who is out there shoveling the driveway,  while I wander around taking pictures... Ha ha....

One reason I enjoy a new snowfall is that it just seems as if God has dotted the earth with peace and tranquility...   It just feels so clean and fresh.

Have a wonderful Tuesday...