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Monday, September 12, 2016

More ROSES in our Yard 2016

Beautiful Dreamer Rose 7/2/16
I had this post ready sometime in July --but never got it published... SO---today is a good time (before Fall actually really gets here) to enjoy seeing more Roses in our yard this summer... You can click on them to see enlargements.. The date is when I took the picture.  Hope you enjoy them.

For anyone new to my blog,  we grow Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses in our yard --and have over 50 different varieties...  This is one of my husband's hobbies ---and I get to enjoy the roses since he brings one inside for me almost every single day.  The hardest thing is when he brings one in and I have to 'guess' its name.  I know some of them well--but not all....

Ronald Reagan Rose 7/2/16

Helen Traubel Rose 7/2/16

Mr. Lincoln Rose 7/2/16

Summer Nights Rose 7/3/16

About Face Rose 7/6/16

Paradise Rose 7/7/16

Strike It Rich Rose 7/7/16

Perfect Moment Roses (same rose bush,  different stages of blooms) 7/13/16

Sweet Freedom Rose 7/13/16

Chicago Peace Rose 7/14/16

Fragrant Cloud Rose 7/14/16

Gemini Rose 5/10/16

Daring Spirit Rose 5/12/16

Elle Rose 5/13/16

Radiant Perfume Rose 5/26/16
Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our 2016 Roses.... We have really had a good season this year thanks to my Sweetie for taking such good care of his 'babies'....  IF you missed my other ROSE post,  you can click HERE.

Hope you are having a good September SO far....  Have a wonderful week, my friends.