Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Monday, April 8, 2019

Around our Home -- Early Spring 2019

Our Home and some of our Flowers--April 6, 2019
Good Morning,  Family and Friends.   How is your April going so far????  We are finally getting some spring weather here --and it feels wonderful.  After a long winter ---feeling, smelling, enjoying Spring is good for the SOUL.

Today --let's just take a walk around our yard...  Hope you enjoy it!!!!!

Visitors in the backyard!!!!! "Stay away from our tulips,  Pretty Little Deer!!"

The Tulips on the lower front yard beds;  George is getting 'up close and personal' with the new tulips.  (4/6/19)

Here is an interesting Tulip in our yard.   This little beauty looks different from the others since he/she is a DOUBLE TULIP (with many more petals).   Pretty, huh?

PURPLE FINCHES at our feeders (We've had a few of these beautiful birds in past --but now,  we have a bunch of them.)

Such a pretty Tulip!!!!

Pretty Hot Pink Tulip

Same tulip as the one above --after it gets some sunshine and opens up!!!

Deer eating leaves off of one of the bushes on the empty lot next door!!!!  (By the way,  the deer managed to eat a bunch of the leaves on our Azaleas in the front yard sometime during winter.  First time they have ever done that!)

Gorgeous Yellow Tulips;   Yellow has always been a favorite Summer Color of mine.

Male and Female Purple Finches;  I didn't recognize the females at first --and had to search for the name.

Our front yard and home (4/6/19)....  Lots of green grass;  See one of our Red Buds in bloom on the right side of our home?  

Standing under one of our Red Buds and looking up!!!!!  I love the Red Bud blooms!

Red and Yellow Tulip

Who is looking at ME??????  Such beautiful animals --and they "LOOK" so innocent!!!!! ha

Orange and Yellow Tulip;   One way we are keeping the Deer away from our Tulips (SO FAR) is by surrounding the plants with Daffodils.  Deer do NOT touch or go near Daffodils... 

Purple Finches love the plate feeder!!!!  Look at the females.  They remind me of the female Grosbeaks with the big white eyebrow.  However,  they are much smaller than the Grosbeaks!!!!

One last picture of the Yellow Tulips --after they open up...  Love the red addition!!!!

One last picture of our home and yard --taken on April 6, 2019;   You'll notice that we still do NOT have any leaves on the big trees here yet.... SO--in some ways,  it still looks like winter!!!!!!   Even though our winter was warmer and much wetter than normal,  March turned out to be COLDER than February!!!!   We are just now finally getting some real Spring warm weather....  IF this continues,  we'll have leaves on the trees  fairly soon.
Hope you have enjoyed the walk in and around our yard today...  You actually got a little exercise!!!!!!! ha ha.....  Have a great week!!!!