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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

More Family Visits 5/20/18

George, me,  Diana and Mark at our home 
Dear Friends,   We had another marvelous Sunday  (5/20/18) with family.    Son Mark brought his good friend,  Diana,  from Texas to visit for the weekend.   Diana had never been to Tennessee ---so we all loved showing her a corner of 'our world'...  She LOVED it ---and I always find so much JOY when someone comes to visit for the first time and shows so much enthusiasm and appreciation...

Mark and Diana spent all day Saturday and Monday in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.   But on Sunday,   they came to our home for the day!!!!!!   After some chat time and snacks here at home,  we took them to the Cumberland Mountain State Park in our area for dinner...After filling our little tummies BIGTIME,  we took a walk around the lake before heading to Burgess Falls State Park  (near Cookeville, TN)...

Even Mark had never been to Cumberland Mountain State Park NOR to Burgess Falls State Park---so he enjoyed seeing these new-to-him areas not far from our home.   Burgess Falls is a series of waterfalls on the Falling Water River leading down to the BIG one,  Burgess Falls..,  We first enjoyed the Falling Water Cascades;  then it was the Little Falls followed by Middle Falls..   We continued down and finally got to the platform where we could see the BIG ONE,  Burgess Falls.   Burgess Falls is 136 feet high.  The trail on down to the bottom of the falls is closed now--so we just enjoyed that glorious waterfall from the overlook.  The loop trail is about 1.5 miles total.   We had a great day!!!

Here are some pictures from that awesome day!!!!

A Canada Geese Family at Cumberland Mountain State Park

Mark and Diana at Cumberland Mountain State Park

Mom had to get in the picture (Cumberland Mountain State Park)

I had to get a picture of Mark and Diana with the bridge in the background  at Cumberland Mountain State Park.  I think every member of our family has had their picture taken here at one time or another!!!!! The water level was low today --so the pretty reflections which we usually get can barely be seen.

Next we drove down near Cookeville and went to Burgess Falls State Park.  This is the Falling Water Cascades  on the Falling Water River...

Mark and Diana  near the Falling Water Cascades

I kept saying for them to step back ---back---back and that would make a better picture... ha ha ha

George got this great picture of  Diana and Mark along the trail.

This is Little Burgess Falls.  

Mark and Diana had to work really hard to hold that big rock up so that we could pass by on the trail!!!!!!!!   LOTS OF HARD WORK.. NOT!!!!! ha ha ha

Middle Burgess Falls

Look at this amazing tree;   Mark carried the umbrella to keep it from raining... It WORKED..... No Rain all day!

A beautiful RED CARDINAL  joined us on our hike.  Isn't he gorgeous????  Mark and Diana both said that the Cardinal was DEBBIE,  Mark's wife who died last August.  

Finally,  we made it to BURGESS FALLS...  We were all in awe while looking down at that amazing waterfall.

George's PHOTO of Burgess Falls;   Talk about amazing!!!!  Wow.

On more amazing picture George took of BURGESS FALLS!!!!

Diana and Mark at Burgess Falls
I cannot thank Diana enough for being there for Mark after Debbie died.   Diana was the best friend he could ever have during that time.   She is an amazing woman and I am so happy to meet her now.  I see many more trips for her to Tennessee ---since there's just SO much to see.

I have a IRISES post ready for publication --but FAMILY is much more important.... We have more family/friends coming to see us on the 26th and again on the 30th....   AND--we'll be going to NC for a reunion on the 27th....  SO--it's going to be a great upcoming week and more!!!!!