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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birds and Roses

I took a few bird pictures while at the beach... BUT--I'm not 'up' on many of the birds that live near the seashore. I do know seagulls and some other common ones, but some, I do not know. AND--I haven't had time to look these up---so I'm going to rely on my great birder friends to identify some of these birds. Above is a picture of a bird in flight... Anyone know what it is????? Maybe it's some kind of Grackle. Below are others!!!

This little gull kept us company on the beach. It was looking for food--but we had none.. See her sad face??? What is he/she??? Ring-billed????? HELP!!!

Another colorful gull on the beach; Is this a Laugbing Gull? (Help me out, Birders!!!!)

This little guy (and many others ) were hanging around the doons.. I captured him from my balcony window--sitting on top of a sign. What is he/she???????

Second day of Bluebird pictures; They are about 2-3 days old I think. I can't see much growth since yesterday. They are just so tiny... In this picture, one mouth is open. The other three are lying down. You can see one of their tiny little legs/feet. Aren't they just awesome?????

I have posted two different photos of Rio Samba in the post on 5/13. Here is Rio Samba again... As this rose gets older, it turns more of a hot pink--and the yellow disappears. This is such a neat rose --to look at, in all stages!!!!

This is our 2nd rose to bloom this year. Her name is Sweet Freedom. I'll show this one again when it opens more. Pretty one, isn't it????

Finally, this beauty is named Sonia... This is our third rose of the season, and a new rose for us THIS year.

We went to Hendersonville yesterday to check on George's parents. They are still doing great, thanks be to God. And --we have company coming today. SO--I won't be able to get to your blogs for a few days. I will catch up though!!!!! In the meantime, have a great weekend.