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Monday, June 29, 2020

The Battle in the Sky: Clouds/Fog, vs Sunshine/Blue Skies

1.  Taken the first afternoon we were there on 6/15!!!  (Little did we know at the time about the upcoming weather during the remainder of our stay!!!! ha)
Dear Friends,   George and I have visited the Pisgah Inn (on the Blue Ridge Parkway west of Asheville, NC) several times in different years and different seasons.  This year we were there for 3 nights (6-15-20 to 6-18-20)... This is the FIRST time we haven't been able to see either the sunrise or the sunset on ANY of the 3 days we were there...  The clouds and mostly FOG won the "Battle in the Sky" that week, especially early mornings and late evenings.  Disappointing?   Of course....

BUT--we did what George and I always do.!!!! We found some 'different' pictures to take/share.... And --some of the pictures we took ended up being JUST as beautiful as a sunrise or sunset would have been.    God's beautiful world is glorious --whether the skies are cloudy or sunny!!!!!

More good news about this visit:   We were able to get out and do some hiking and 'waterfalling' that week --with NO RAIN  (although the rain seemed to be all around us, especially at the Pisgah Inn)....  SO---life is good for the Adams' Family....

Today,  I'll share some of the many pictures we took from our balcony room at Pisgah Inn that week. The first 3 were taken right after we got there on 6-15 (in the late afternoon).   Luckily, we could enjoy that marvelous view for a little while,  before the fog rolled in.

The 2nd day (6/16) --- I didn't take any pictures from the room since it was very foggy and rainy most of the day.  BUT--on 6/17---there were some breaks in the fog --so we were able to get some good pictures... Some of the pictures were taken early morning (with the sun on your left --as you view the pictures).  Then--late in the afternoon,  the sun would be on the right in the picture....

Hope you enjoy these pictures  I  took...  The 'real' photographer in my family hasn't shared his photos yet --but I'll bet they are all much better than mine...BUT--even some of mine are pretty good, don't you think? As you look at the pictures,  please choose a favorite or two--and let me know which ones you REALLY enjoyed!!!

2. First afternoon --but a close-up of  the Mountain Laurel and Flame Azalea in bloom that we enjoyed from our Balcony! 

3. Morning of 6/17;  We saw a little sunshine --before the fog began to roll in!!!

4. Blue Sky early on the 17th,  as I looked toward the west!

5. "Oh What a Beautiful Morning..." 

6.  Looking back east;  Where did the sunshine go?

7.  OOPS ---There's the sun,  but it looks like the rain is coming also!!!!!!  Grrrrrrrr.

8. Looking back toward the west, before the fog and rain gets here!

9.  The "Battle in the Sky" is still on!!!!!! The sunshine is 'trying' to win, but the blue sky is losing its battle...

10.  Beginning with this picture, all of the remainder were taken late afternoon on 6/17.   After we came back to the room from our visit and hike to Roaring Fork Falls,  we were able to get a few more pictures from our balcony.  

11. I zoomed in,  to show a close-up of the clouds and sky!!!

12. The sunshine is trying SO hard to show off for us!!!!!!  And it really did!!!!

13. The closest we came to seeing a little of the sun beginning to set behind the mountains in the west!!!

14.  It's beginning to get very foggy again!!! SO--this was my last picture before we couldn't see anything!!!
That would be 'it' when it comes to photos from our balcony during those 4 days!!!!  I took no pictures on the 16th --and also when we were getting ready to leave on the 18th due to the heavy fog....  But---as you can see,  we were able to get some good shots of the "Battle in the Sky"...  

OKAY---I numbered the 14 photos and ask that you choose 1 or 2 of your favorites and list those favorites for me... Some of the pictures were taken with my iPhone11 and some with my big Canon.   I've been told that the iPhone camera is really good ---so I'm just giving it a little test!!!!!!  I also may use one of your favorites as my "Header Photo" on my Blog in July.  Thanks for your help!!!!

Have a great week --and remember that God's World is GORGEOUS on a cloudy/rainy day as much as on a sunny day!!!!!!!