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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Burgess Falls in Winter (Part II)

Look at that gorgeous waterfall!!!! Yesterday I showed you Falling Water Cascades, Little Falls and Middle Falls. All of these plus the 'beauty' pictured above are at Burgess Falls State Park in Cookeville, TN. Be sure and check out yesterday's post --if you missed it, for information about this beautiful area which is not far from our home. Above is the largest of the four falls at 136 feet. Its name is BURGESS FALLS... More pictures are below.

When we got to Burgess Falls, I sat at the brink of the falls just feeling the mist and enjoying the area.

George walked on down to get better pictures of the side and the bottom of the falls.

Look at all of the icicles tucked up along the bluffs and gorge area.

To get a perspective of how large this waterfall is, look at the top--on the right side. Can you see ME standing up there watching George as he makes his way toward the bottom?????

Here's a close-up of me standing at the top of the waterfall.

This picture is truly amazing. Can you see it????? Look again.... There is a icicle CROSS in the center of Burgess Falls. (Now scroll back up two pictures --and look at the cross in the center left side of Burgess Falls! Awesome, isn't it???)

Another picture of Burgess Falls and the icicles beside it

And one final picture of Burgess Falls and nearby icicles in February of 2007

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