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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mushroom Rock

On our Valentine's Weekend trip to Alabama, we visited the Little River Canyon. See pictures from Little River Canyon by clicking HERE. We love driving on Canyon Rim Drive (Alabama Highway 176). This little road connects eight overlooks along an 11 mile stretch of the Little River Canyon. The drive begins near Little River Falls where Alabama Highway 35 from Fort Payne crosses the Little River.

One of the neat places where we stopped along our scenic route was MUSHROOM ROCK. This is a rock formation found in the MIDDLE of Highway 176. The rock is shaped like a giant mushroom. It has also been known as Needle Eye Rock due to the slot in its base.

The story is that several decades ago, a road crew constructing the original scenic drive is credited with saving this canyon landmark. Plans called for the rock formation we now call Mushroom Rock to be removed. Construction staff refused to blast it away (thank goodness). SO---thanks to the determination of the crew to leave the formation intact, we now have Mushroom Rock in the national preserve.

Here are some pictures in and around Mushroom Rock. As you know by now, I am fascinated by all rock formations. SO--I loved these. While looking at the pictures, note also the lichen/colors--and overall beauty.

Does it look like a big Mushroom to you??? Aren't we all glad that the construction crew decided to save this beautiful rock? You can see how the road passes by it --on both sides.

For your info, the other 'rock' pictures shown here are in the same area ----on the canyon side of the road. It is a gorgeous little area---and if you ever get to the Little River Canyon, stop at Mushroom Rock.