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Friday, January 31, 2014

Some Alabama Waterfalls

Little River Falls- 45 feet
In March of 2013,  George and I spent a couple of days in Fort Payne, Alabama.  We were celebrating George's birthday by hiking and seeing waterfalls!!!!  I published some posts telling of our hiking adventures and of the birthday.  But--I wanted to show you all of the waterfalls we saw while in DeSoto State Park and the Little River Canyon National Preserve near Fort Payne.  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

Little River Falls (from another angle on the other side of the river)

Lodge Falls (near the lodge at DeSoto State Park)

Indian Falls  (there's a bridge above the falls which you can walk across)

Azalea Cascades  (not too much water here --but pretty, seeing it flow down the mountain)

Lost Falls (a nice hike back in the woods to see this one)

Laurel Falls  (on the same hike where we saw Lost Falls-photo above)

And the 'biggie' at DeSoto State Park,  DeSoto Falls (too big for one photo)

The other part of DeSoto Falls - 104 feet

All of DeSoto Falls (from the other side of the canyon)

DeSoto Falls (close-up of the bottom---104 feet)
Well---that was a great little trip --and George had a nice birthday last March.  There are other waterfalls in the area (Noccalula Falls in Gadsden plus a couple more in the Little River Canyon area)---but we were happy to see what we saw this trip.

I'll close with one more photo of us taken the day we hiked to Lost and Laurel Falls.  This photo was taken at Lost Falls.
George and Betsy at Lost Falls
Well---this ole' woman has had to get bifocals now...  I've never worn anything but reading glasses --so this is really taking some getting used to.  Haven't tried to do any photos yet with the new glasses....  Should be interesting!!!  Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday! It has finally warmed up a little here!!!  But--winter is NOT over!!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Which One to You Want?

When we visited Little River Canyon on Valentine's Day, I couldn't help but notice three huge homes sitting along the top of the canyon on the 'other' side from where we were. I thought to myself: "What a neat place to have a home!!!! WOW---what a view!"

Today I'll share with you a few more pictures of that gorgeous canyon --and I'll show you the three homes!!!! You can pick a fav!!!!! Above is a beautiful picture of the canyon. Below are more!

Can you see that house sitting at the top of the canyon????? Wow..... Do you want that one????

Here's a close-up of the house---which I got with the zoom lens... I'm sure that 'tiny little house' doesn't cost much.... Ya think???? ha

Here's another home at the top of the canyon. What a view they must have!

Here's a close up of that house. Another tiny one, huh????

I think this is where I said: "Honey, will you buy us that home?" Wonder what George's answer was!!!!!!!!????????

I only took one picture of this beauty... This was when we were taking pictures of the kayakers below. I looked up--and there she was!!!!! WOW--what a house....

"Honey, I changed my mind... I want that last home!!!! Okay, Sweetie Pie???? PUH-LEASE!"

Here's one last picture of Little River Canyon. I can only imagine having a house (or even a teeny tiny cabin) on top of the canyon --with a view like this.... (How 'bout a tent?)

Well--did you pick a fav????? Maybe we can all go in together and buy one of them --and share it!!! It could be a Blogger House!!!!

If you want to see other pictures from our trip to Little River Canyon, go to the sidebar LABEL list and click on LITTLE RIVER CANYON. Or click HERE for one of the posts showing the canyon.

Have a great Tuesday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mushroom Rock

On our Valentine's Weekend trip to Alabama, we visited the Little River Canyon. See pictures from Little River Canyon by clicking HERE. We love driving on Canyon Rim Drive (Alabama Highway 176). This little road connects eight overlooks along an 11 mile stretch of the Little River Canyon. The drive begins near Little River Falls where Alabama Highway 35 from Fort Payne crosses the Little River.

One of the neat places where we stopped along our scenic route was MUSHROOM ROCK. This is a rock formation found in the MIDDLE of Highway 176. The rock is shaped like a giant mushroom. It has also been known as Needle Eye Rock due to the slot in its base.

The story is that several decades ago, a road crew constructing the original scenic drive is credited with saving this canyon landmark. Plans called for the rock formation we now call Mushroom Rock to be removed. Construction staff refused to blast it away (thank goodness). SO---thanks to the determination of the crew to leave the formation intact, we now have Mushroom Rock in the national preserve.

Here are some pictures in and around Mushroom Rock. As you know by now, I am fascinated by all rock formations. SO--I loved these. While looking at the pictures, note also the lichen/colors--and overall beauty.

Does it look like a big Mushroom to you??? Aren't we all glad that the construction crew decided to save this beautiful rock? You can see how the road passes by it --on both sides.

For your info, the other 'rock' pictures shown here are in the same area ----on the canyon side of the road. It is a gorgeous little area---and if you ever get to the Little River Canyon, stop at Mushroom Rock.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kayaking in Winter

While we were at Little River Canyon near Fort Payne, AL on Valentine's Day (see the previous 3 posts), we were amazed that there were people kayaking on such a frigid winter day. I can only imagine how cold that water was!!!!

See the picture above... Can you see the kayakers???? We took the pictures from an overlook -- far away from them.... NOW---look at the pictures below!!!

Now--can you see them better????? These 300mm lenses are WONDERFUL.

There is one kayaker in the lead---and three following.

Here are the 3 kayakers who were following the leader. Wonder if they knew we were WAY up there taking their picture????? ha


By the time you read this post, we'll be on the road to ARKANSAS. If you have followed my blog for awhile, you will know that George and I love to go to Mt. Nebo, Arkansas. In fact, this will be our sixth trip. We have a favorite cabin (pictured above) that we rent ---which is on the edge at the top of the mountain. This time of year, we can see the sunset from our back porch. This is like our 2nd home--since we keep going back, and love it so much!!!

Here's one of the gorgeous Mt. Nebo sunsets we hope to see again this week... Mt. Nebo has a Sunrise Point and a Sunset Point. We also hope to see deer and other wildlife. We will do some hiking and see some waterfalls. AND--I'm even taking some bird seed to feed the Arkansas birds!!!!

I'll have the laptop with me ---but we don't know if we'll have internet service on that mountain. SO---we'll probably be back to blogging on March 1st. Our neighbors are house-sitting for us and feeding my backyard birds here.

Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Waterfalls in Little River Canyon, AL

In the previous two blogs (click HERE and HERE), I showed you pictures from our Valentine's Day visit to Little River Canyon near Fort Payne, Alabama. Today I will show you the four waterfalls in the canyon. The largest and 'main' waterfall is LITTLE RIVER FALLS. For waterfall lovers, this one is definitely one of the BEST. Above is a picture of George and me taken at the brink of Little River Falls.. Below are more of all four of the waterfalls in the canyon.

Is this not a gorgeous waterfall?? Can you see George standing out there near the edge?????

Now-- George took a picture of me near the edge...Wonder why he kept asking me to "BACK UP"???????? ha ha

We went to another overlook on the other side ---and took pictures of Little River Falls from a distance. The 300mm lens worked well here.

This small waterfall (at a distance, across the canyon from where we were ) is HAWKS GLIDE FALLS. No--we didn't see any hawks, but we did see a little water in this seasonal waterfall. My picture shows the lower part of the waterfall--since it traveled all of the way down the canyon wall.

This was a new waterfall for us this trip. Since it doesn't have a name (that we can find), we have named it VALENTINE FALLS since we were there on Valentine's Day. It is a pretty little cascade that curves around and flows down over rock steps. I enjoyed seeing the moss-colored rocks.

This is another seasonal waterfall called GRACES HIGH FALLS. It was across the canyon from our overlook --but was larger and easier to photograph than Hawks Glide Falls. You can see all of the ice around the base of the waterfall.

Here's a close-up picture of Graces High Falls. This 'high' waterfall plunges past river-carved sandstone. Some rocks and fossils exposed here are more than 300 million years old. WOW!

Have a wonderful weekend.