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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Around the Yard from 4/4-4/12/2015

George and I 'walk the yard' most every single day this time of year seeing what is NEW.   I went through all of the pictures I took between April 4th  and 12th, and chose  some to share with you today... Hope you enjoy seeing Spring begin and just grow and grow in our area.... This is truly a wonderful time of the year.

This was the time when we had both Daffodils still blooming and Tulips beginning to bloom.  The picture above (taken on 4/8/15)  is our big Rose Bed (without Roses this time of year).  You can see both Daffodils and Tulips in that bed...

George taking a picture of some of our Tulips --taken on 4/4/15

Bleeding Hearts --taken on 4/9/15

A Friend  (thanks, Marcia) gave me this Bleeding Hearts bush two years ago.  It has done GREAT this year ---and I love those little 'hearts'.  (taken on 4/9/15)

This is another gift from friend, Marcia... I LOVE Hostas and have many plants around our yard.  This is definitely one of the prettiest ones!!!!!  (taken on 4/9/15)

Our home on 4/9/15;  You can tell that there were still no leaves on the big shade trees... Things were turning green --and the Daffodils and Tulips were beautiful,  even though the trees made it look 'wintery' still!!!!

Pink Dogwood blooms (taken on 4/10/15);   Dogwoods in our area, due to our icy winter,  did not do as well this year as in most years,  including our dogwoods..   The leaves popped out before there were many blooms.  Because of that, I don't have a picture of our entire dogwood tree.   But---the blooms we did get are pretty,  don't you think?

Another picture looking up at some of our Pink Dogood blooms,  taken on 4/11/15;   When the sun hits the blooms,  the pink almost turns to red... Amazing!

Our Groundcover,  Periwinkle (Vinca Minor);  This is a wonderful ground cover --and the little blue flowers in Spring add so much to our yard!  (taken on 4/11/15)

The bad winter didn't do any damage at all to our REDBUD trees.  I was standing under the tree looking up.  The BEES love that tree. 

One of our REDBUD trees in our yard (taken on 4/11/15);   That is the empty lot in the distance... It is always hard trying to get a good picture of that entire tree --but you get the idea of how large it is and how pretty the blooms were.

The tiny flowerbed beside the house and the sidewalk leading to the backyard;  I have Hostas and Autumn Joy Sedums in this bed. (photo taken on 4/12/15)

In the big Rock Bed (near the lower side of the house and driveway),  the CANDY TUFT and some PINK PHLOX are blooming.   (taken on 4/12/15)

Our Home (on 4/11/15)
I'll close with another picture of our home and front yard.  You won't believe the difference from that day until today.  We now have LEAVES on our big trees, and it looks totally different.   Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!

Today is my BABY BOY's 44th Birthday... Happy Birthday, Jeff.

Hope you enjoyed seeing EARLY Spring in our yard...

Have a wonderful day and week.