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Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Love Mt. Nebo

Is there some place that you enjoy returning to, over and over???? We have a place like that--and it's Mt. Nebo State Park near Dardanelle, Arkansas. This next week will be the FIFTH time since 2006 that we have been back to our little cabin (Cabin 60) sitting on the top of a mountain. We just cannot stay away from that gorgeous place. It is just MADE for us. Here are some of the reasons!!!! Above you can see the mountain from below---looking toward our cabin!!! Below are five more reasons we keep going back.

This is our adorable, rustic cabin looking toward the front. The cabin is really not rustic though, since we have a jacuzzi tub and all of the modern conveniences. It is a small romantic cabin with only one bedroom, a living/dining area with fireplace, full bath and kitchen. There is a fabulous back porch, with concrete deck, picnic table, and grill. The view from the porch looking down into the valley is incredible.

Here is another view of the cabin--from the side. If you look to the left, you can 'almost' see the view down into the valley below. We feel as if this is the best cabin on the mountain--and we ask for Cabin 60 everytime we go!

We always choose to go to Mt. Nebo in the winter---because the cabin has as fabulous wood-burning fireplace. Life can't get much better than sitting beside the fireplace drinking a cup of hot cocoa!!!!!

Mt. Nebo has a Sunrise Point and a Sunset Point. There are even benches where you can sit and relax and ENJOY it.. This is a sunrise photo taken from Sunrise Point when we were there this past December. Look closely at the picture and you can see the Arkansas River to the left.

This picture was taken last year at this time when we went. The best thing about going in February or March is that we can see the sunset (above) from our cabin --and we don't have to go to Sunset Point (like we do when we go in Nov/Dec). Imagine seeing this from your back porch... WOW!!!!!

Tell me about some of your favorite places --where you go over and over.

P.S. If anyone is interested in my UPDATE about my bird situation from the last post, I added a comment in the comment section that you may be interested in reading. Thanks for your help!!!