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Friday, October 29, 2010

Straight from the Elk's Mouth

If you have read my blog recently, you will know that George and I and our great friends, Neal and Patti, went to the Cataloochee Valley (north of Maggie Valley, North Carolina) to see the elk on Wednesday, October 20. I posted pictures yesterday and will tell you an elk story today---straight from the elk's mouth!!!!!! (Did you know I spoke 'elk'????? I do--and this bull elk confided all of this to me!!!!!)

In the picture above, Simon the Elk was bugling.... Can you hear him???? He is hollering: "I want me a woman! I want me a woman!"

"Hmmmm... There's one!!!!!! Hi, Edith.... Wanna play with me????????"

"Awe Shucks.... Edith is paying no attention to me... Think I'll sing her a song.... 'I Luv You Truly....... Truly Dear'...... Now, ain't that purdy???? (I'm a southern elk you see!)"

"Doggone it all.... That Edith is just so gorgeous--but she's paying me no mind at all.... What shall I do??? I feel dejected!!!"

"A-ha... There are some friends... Think I'll ask George and Neal what I need to do to get a woman! They told me to go over to the other field where there are ALOT of beautiful women!!!"

"Hmmmmmmmmmm.... There are more possibilities out here... Maybe I'll sing to Sandra, or to Ginny, or to Mildred, or even to pretty little Suzanne. Think they'll pay some attention to me??????"

"Well...NOBODY---not even Ginny (who loves everybody) wants to be my 'woman'... Think I'll just take a nap --and cry for awhile.. Poor ME!! Do any of you Bloggers want to be my special friend????? PUH--LEASE!!"

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll see you on Monday morning.