Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. My Header Picture for June 2021 shows one of our beautiful LILIES in our yard. This one is named PURPLE PRINCE.

Monday, July 6, 2020

ROSES in our Yard

Meet CRAZY LOVE -Taken 6/3/20

Dear Friends/Family,   Today I will share a few of our many Rose Varieties in the yard this year.  All of the pictures in this post were taken between 5/23/20 and 6/4/20.   This has been a good year for all of our flowers  (probably due to the rains and cool weather we've had).   The Roses have been putting on a show for us since late May.  Hope you enjoy seeing some of these little beauties!



Royal Welcome -6/3/20




APRIL in PARIS -5/31/20


I finished the photos today with "Show Your Stripes" --because I think it is appropriate for July.  I hope that all of you had a great July 4th weekend.   George and I both are VERY patriotic --and it hurts me to my soul when reading and hearing about our country's history being destroyed all around us.   As "older adults" --that history is something we cherish.   It is what it is ---HISTORY.   We my not agree with how things may have been done years ago--but that's why it is called History.. We learn from it--and move on,  making things better in the future for ALL.

UPDATE from last week's post:
Thanks so much to many of you (from Blogger and from Facebook) who took time to list your favorite pictures (from my "Battle in the Sky"  photos).    I posted 14 different pictures... I took 8 pictures using my Canon and 6 using my iPhone.  The iPhone pictures were No. 4, 5, 9, 12, 13, 14.   

Your favorite  by far was Number 9,  an iPhone picture.   In 2nd place was No 5 --also an iPhone picture.  AND in 3rd place was No. 10,  a picture taken with my Canon camera.   THEREFORE,  my iPhone 11 Max WON the battle of the cameras!!!!!  Poor Canon... I've had that camera for a long time and love it.  I still love its ZOOM ability much more than the iPhone.  BUT--I agree that the iPhone takes clearer pictures (at least using these comparisons).   

My Favorites:  #10 and #5;   I liked No. 9 also --but not as much as the other two.... It's all just a personal choice --and there are NO wrong answers.   I chose No. 5 as my Blog Header for July and No. 1  as my Facebook Header for July....   Thanks for participating in that blog post.   I had so much fun doing it and reading your answers/thoughts.   

Have an awesome week --and enjoy JULY!!!!  (June came and went too quickly!!!)