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Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 Best Of...: ROSES -Part I

We have had so many gorgeous ROSE photos this year ---that I couldn't just choose six of them to post in the "Best of" series... SO--there will be two posts showing some of the gorgeous ROSE photos we have enjoyed during 2010.

As you probably know, unless you are new to my blog,  George grows beautiful Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses.  He has about 50+ different bushes in our yard.   ME?  I just get to enjoy them.  I have a bench in the front yard where I can sit and smell and view these beauties.  George also brings a blossom or bud  inside, most every single day during the season for me to enjoy.  Wow--who could ask for a better life than I have?????

Here are my 2010 favorites beginning with my all-time favorite,  DOUBLE DELIGHT.  This photo was taken on 5/13/10.

This beauty is named JOHN F. KENNEDY.   This picture was taken on 5/27/10.

This gorgeous rose is named GEMINI, and the picture was taken on 5/13/10.

I love this rose, named LOVE AND PEACE... This picture was taken on 5/15/10.

This gorgeous rose is named WILDFIRE... I love the colors in this beautiful rose,  and I think its name is appropriate. This picture was taken on 7/3/10.

Here's another rose named after one of our Presidents.  This one is named RONALD REAGAN.  It was taken on 5/31/10.

I will share six more tomorrow.  I love all kinds of flowers,  but roses are definitely a favorite of mine.

Several of you requested the recipe for my Orange Balls... I usually double the recipe--since I have to share with family.  Here 'tis!!!

Betsy's Orange Ball Recipe
  (came from her mother)

3/4 cup conf. sugar
1 lb. vanilla wafers-crushed
1 stick margarine--softhened
1 cup (or less) chopped nuts
6 oz can frozen orange juice (thawed and undiluted)
1 can or package of shredded coconut

Mix first five ingredients together and form into balls---roll in coconut.  Do not bake.  Makes about 4 doz. depending upon size.  I keep them in the refrigerator.  They seem to get better as they age a little.