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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our 1950 Pontiac

The picture above is me, back in 1950, standing beside our fancy, new Pontiac Silver Streak coupe. Man--wasn't that a cool automobile???? Look at those whitewall tires. I remember washing and waxing that beauty, and cleaning those tires like crazy making sure they were really white and pretty!

When I turned FOURTEEN (in 1956), I got my driver's license. Back then, in the state of Virginia, we could get our license at that age---with no driver's training. I actually started driving when I was 13---with my Daddy's help. Can you believe it????

The old Pontiac was a straight shift and I grew up in the mountains of Virginia, learning to drive on those narrow, curvy back roads. I certainly got the 'hang' of driving at a very young age!!!! BUT---I don't think I convinced my parents just what a GREAT (???) driver I was--------until we took a trip to Daytona Beach when I was 16 years old.

On that trip, my Dad developed sun poison while in Daytona. SO---young Betsy got to drive all the way back to Virginia, including a drive through downtown Jacksonville. (Remember, there were no interstate highways back then!) I did a good job, got us home safely, and my folks never complained again about my driving...

The following year, they sold the Pontiac and bought a HUGE 1956 Oldsmobile '98. I missed that ole' Pontiac---but certainly had some fun times driving the Olds... Recently I looked at Classic Car prices on the internet and found an old Pontiac (similar to ours) on sale for about $19,000. Guess we should have kept that car. Ya think?????? ha

What age were you when you got your driver's license??? Did you learn to drive a 'straight shift' (or 5-speed)??? What kind of car????

Have a great Saturday.