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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Lights in Fairfield Glade 2010

Before we left for our beach trip,  we drove around the Glade to see some of the Christmas lights in our area.   Here are a few pictures from that little ride!  Above is a picture from one side of one of the lakes in our area ---looking across the lake.  You can see some of the reflections in the water.

Here is one using the long lens....You can see things more easily now--including the reflections in the water.  Christmas lights are always so pretty -- and never seem to show up as pretty in pictures... But---we were enjoying the beauty from across the lake!!!

Wanna take a ride with me in that big, shiny truck???

This big house had lights EVERYWHERE.... But--my favorite was the big star on the roof...

This house seemed to have a little of everything --and everyone --on and around its porch.

I loved seeing the Penguins at this house display---and I'll bet that those Penguins are much happier now that we have had lots of snow on the ground here... ha

I have one more set of light pictures --which I will show another day.

Hope you are having a great week --and getting ready to celebrate a NEW YEAR....