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Monday, October 3, 2011

Niagara County Peach Festival, Lewiston, NY

George's daughter and hubby took us to the Niagara County Peach Festival  in historic Lewiston,  New York,  when we were visiting them on Sept. 10, 2011.  The Peach Festival is a weekend annual event which has been going on every year since 1958.  The idea was developed as a means of honoring the Niagara County farmer and the bountiful crops,  which are harvested each Fall.  Obviously,  the festival  has grown and grown with each passing year.

Besides the festival,  they offer a Fun Run and a Peach Bake-Off.  There's a cheerleading competition,  entertainment/stage activities,  and they choose a Peach Queen.   If you attend the Peach Festival,  here are some photos of what you can see and do.

Above is a picture of one of the parade floats... See Lucy?????  Don't you just love a parade?  Below are more pictures.  Be sure to enlarge them by clicking on each photo.

After the parade,  you can enjoy lots of music!!!!

Or---you can go back in time and visit a Hillbilly Village!

OR---you can win a teddy bear for your Sweetheart!!!!

You can buy some gorgeous jewelry, or other homemade craft items!!!

OR---there are LOTS of rides available for all ages...  Do you like this one??? See my legs up there?????   (NOT!!!!! ha)

This little ride on the BEE is more 'my' style!!!!! ha

FOOD----of course,  there were many, many booths of all kinds of food.  They even sold turkey legs!!!!!   This picture (or at least the smell of grilled onions and sausage) definitely caught my attention!  Yum!

Hope you have gotten to attend (or will get to attend)  a festival in your area  this Fall.

Thanks, Kelly and Chuck,  for taking us there!!!  And ---yes,  the peaches were delicious (at Kelly and Chuck's house)!!!