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Monday, March 23, 2020

Fall 2019 ROSES in our Yard

Daring Spirit Rose --9/13/19
Dear Friends,   I had one more post of our last year's ROSES in my folders..  SO--I thought it would be a good time to do this post.  Flowers make me smile ---and at these hard times in our lives,  we ALL need some smiles,  don't we?

When our ROSES started blooming in May,   I tried to post all of them at least once during the year.  SO --today I'll share with you a few more --some of which I hadn't posted on a previous blog.   PINK Roses seems to do well here in the Glade --so we seem to always have an over-abundance of pinks to share...  Hope you enjoy today's picks ---and I truly hope this post makes you SMILE.

Tropical Sun Rose --9/19/19  (a new rose in our yard last year)

Summer Nights Rose-- 9/15/19

Anna's Promise Rose --9/18/19 (This one is named after Anna in Downton Abbey.)

Falling in Love Rose --10/13/19  (a new rose in our yard this past year)

Cabana Rose-- 9/14/19

Double Delight Rose --9/8/19  (always a joy to see)

Moonstone Rose --9/16/19

Flaming Peace Rose --10/13/19 (another new Rose in our yard this past year)

Veteran's Honor Rose --9/7/19  (always a fav)

Aromatherapy Rose 10/3/19  

Mother of Pearl Rose --9/16/19 (a new rose in our yard this past year)

Pinkerbelle --10/13/19 (I've featured this one before since it has bloomed and bloomed all summer/fall.  This was a new one in our yard this past year!!!  I LOVE Pinkerbelle!!!!
Okay Friends... Any favorite ones of yours out of this group?   I do hope that these did make you smile for a bit... I hope and pray that you and your family and loved ones are all okay --and staying inside and SAFE.   George and I only went out once this week (to the grocery store and recycle center).  We went very early in the morning --when there were no crowds...  That worked out good for us.  Now --we are home until the grocery needs call our name in a week or so....

What are you doing to pass the extra time you may have now?  I am enjoying my Genealogy program --even moreso now that I've met a couple of cousins on my Dad's side of the family after taking the 23andMe DNA info-kit a few months ago.  I didn't even know these cousins at all before taking that DNA test.   SO EXCITING...

It's hard not to worry during this COVID-19 Coronavirus (about ourselves, our families,  getting necessary supplies,  people out of work,  etc.).... BUT--worrying doesn't fix this!!!  I have found that the best thing to do is to find things to do and stay busy!!!!!   BUT---I'm praying hard for you and for everyone!!!!   Those of us who are Christians know that God is in control ...  

Have an awesome week --and stay HEALTHY and HAPPY.