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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Holy Moly---I made it to 76 --somehow!

Dear Friends,   WELL---even though the past year hasn't been so nice to me,  I did make it --to celebrate another birthday....  Many of you have asked about my A-Fib...  WELL--I started writing a post entitled  "Living with A-Fib"  --but just couldn't put words with it YET, especially positive words.

 One thing I know is that A-Fib affects each of us differently.  We are each on a separate journey dealing with our own heart problems.  For me, it has  been about 6 months now --and I will say that I am BETTER.  I am alive--and some days I feel pretty darn good.  Not GREAT --but Good!  Other days ---hmmmmmm,  not very good. The medicine side effects can be wicked at times, along with the rapid heartbeat (which can make me light-headed and/or weak and out-of-breath)..

SO---when I go back to my Cardiologist the end of the month,  my question to him will be: "Is this all you can do for me?   Is this it?  Is this the way I will have to live from now on???"   I hope and pray that my answer will be, "NO"....  I SO want to feel better and have a better quality of life.  I know that I should have many more years to live (saying that hopefully) and I want them to be healthy ones.  There's so much more out there for me to see and do!

For me,  one who has always been SO active and a big multi-tasker,   I find myself some days just not able to finish one task, and definitely not several.   That causes me stress and panic --which I do not need...  SO --you see!!!!  It's a never ending struggle.  Yet I know that my illness is minor --compared to those who are going through serious problems, such as cancer..

Keeping a positive attitude goes a long way when dealing with health problems.  I try so hard to stay positive --but there are some days that I truly am struggling, and am not very strong.   I am blessed and I thank God daily for the wonderful life I have.  I know that God will take of me,  even when I am weak.  God --and my wonderful husband and sons and you, my friends, are my ROCK now.

There are no guarantees for any of us to have long, healthy lives.  We just do the best we can --and live each day to its fullest...  I will continue to keep moving forward on this journey,  and never give up.

Hubby is taking me on a little trip,  so I am sure  I will have many photos to share soon!!!!  In the meantime,  I put together this collage showing a little more of my blessed life for all of these many years.    

Hope you enjoy!!!

Hugs from the little girl,  born August 5, 1942!!!