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Friday, June 6, 2014

Favorite MAY ROSES in our Yard (2014)

LEMON SPICE ROSE --taken on 5/5/14  (Our FIRST blooming rose in 2014)
We have over 61 different varieties of Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora ROSES in our yard... This year,  I decided that I would organize myself a little better when it comes to featuring them...  SO---I will do what I did in May and that is to take pictures every day or so --as the roses bloom, and mark the ones I like.   Then at the end of the month,  I'll look at all that I have marked and choose 10 favorites from that month to feature on my blog.   Some of our roses bloom constantly and some only on occasion.  SO---some of my favorites may be featured every month,  and some may never be favorites....  BUT---I'll bet that by the end of Fall,  I will probably feature most all of them at least once.  BUT---we will just wait and see how each month progresses!!!!!

Hope you enjoy today's photos... We had a total of 24 different varieties in May ---and I chose 10 favorites....  Tain't easy!!!!!  But --I'll give you a bonus today since I'm featuring 10 favorites PLUS one!!!!! Get some coffee,  sit back and just enjoy...  THEN---you pick a fav for the month of May!!!!  (Be sure to click on them for enlargements.)

INGRID BERGMAN ROSE  5/26/14  (I have trouble getting the reds to come out right --but I was pleased with Ingrid!)

GEMINI  ROSES 5/29/14  (I usually feature individual pictures of roses,  but this group thrills me every time I see it...Gemini is always a favorite!)

PEACE ROSE 5/31/14  (Peace is always a favorite of many,  and the glory of this one is that it changes color through the bloom cycle.)

APRICOT NECTAR ROSE 5/25/14  (love this 'apricot' color, especially after a rain)

SUMMER OF LOVE ROSE 5/26/14 (This rose holds its blooms for a long time --and stays gorgeous even as it ages.)

ACAPELLA  ROSE 5/24/14  (love the combination of red/white)


SHEER MAGIC ROSE 5/29/14  (I had so many good shots of this rose this past month that it was hard to choose just one!)

AND Number 10 ---and my FAVORITE in May:  SUMMER SURPRISE ROSE 5/29/14  (This is a new rose for us this year,  and boy--did we choose a winner!!!!  Wow!!!  I captured this one with the sun hitting it just perfectly early one morning.)

The PLUS ONE for May:  MR LINCOLN  5/23/14 
I don't care much for the photo --and Mr. Lincoln was almost bloomed out when I took it... BUT---this is always a special rose for us,  and the neatest thing about this particular bloom is that it was waiting for us when we came home from our beach trip ---smiling big as we drove into the yard... Mr. Lincoln was saying "Welcome Home" to us!!!!!  That's why he is so special, and why he is the "Plus One" for May!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my May choices.... As I said,  I had 24 different ones to choose from --and even though it was hard to do,  I enjoyed PICKING my fav's.....  NOW--did you pick a favorite out of this list??????

Have a fantastic weekend and I will see you on Monday.