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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Petit Jean State Park Visit 3/9/15

The Birthday Boy at a very foggy Petit Jean State Park,  3/9/15
George's Birthday Trip this year was to one of our favorite states,  ARKANSAS.  If you missed Part I hearing about George's birthday,  click HERE.   Today I will share with you a few pictures showing some of the things we did on his birthday,  March 9, 2015.

Before checking into our cabin at Mt. Nebo,  we spent part of the day hiking and checking out another favorite state park,  Petit Jean State Park.  (If you want more information about Petit Jean,  click HERE.)

Fog at Petit Jean State Park
I love fog --and taking fog photos.  Do you?  I like this one since that sign in the middle looks like it could be a cross.... God is with us --even during foggy conditions.

George enjoyed taking pictures in the fog also.

I have always loved the rock formations at this state park.... Moss and lichen grow all around and over the rocks.   Some call them "Carpet Rocks".   Neat---even in the fog!

My Creative Shot of a NEAT Tree..... You like???????   Trees with odd shapes can tell us a story,  can't they???  He may not feel beautiful but he IS!!!!

We visited Rock House Cave (really a shelter) --and even though we couldn't find them,  there are supposed to be pictographs in that cave... Beautiful colors in there though;

And ---to get to the Rock House Cave,  we hiked through/on TURTLE ROCKS... Don't they look like huge turtle shells?????  YES--they DO!!!!! ha

We always like to do different things when we visit areas.  This time we checked out a lake we had not visited before,  Lake Bailey.   We also had our lunch while in that area.  Guess who swam over to see us when we were there????  Isn't this Canada Goose gorgeous??? 

Cedar Falls  (from the upper overlook)
We didn't have time to hike down to Cedar Falls this year (hope to do it next year).  When hiking to the bottom of the canyon to view the bottom part of Cedar Falls,  we know that it  is a MILE down and then a MILE back up (VERY STEEP).   But---it's worth it!!!!! This year,  we did hike down to the Upper Overlook to get some pictures... After all of the rain,  the waterfall was really flowing this year. 

A great view of the canyon  (Cedar Creek Canyon) from a new overlook (to us)
A man started talking to us when we were at the Overlook --and he told us about another overlook we should check out.  Of course,  we DID.... We hiked down to this new overlook --where we got a great view of the waterfall AND the canyon. 

The best part is that we could see the Upper Cedar Falls from here ---and we've never seen it before.  SO exciting....  This is a great overlook --and we enjoyed seeing ALL of Cedar Falls..

Us at the Petit Jean State Park Sign  3/9/15
WELL----it was time to leave Petit Jean and drive to Mt. Nebo (where we checked into our cabin for the week).  BUT--since we hadn't taken any pictures of us together at Petit Jean,  we stopped at the sign as we were leaving.

Even though we had some fog and drizzle part of the day,  we enjoyed our day at Petit Jean... We especially enjoyed visiting that new overlook --which I'm sure we will visit again when we are in the area.

After checking into our cabin at Mt. Nebo,  the birthday celebration began.  We went out to dinner for some steaks..  Later, back at the cabin,  George opened his cards and gifts --and then enjoyed some birthday cake (his choice---Carrot Cake).   It was a great day --and I think (hope) that George enjoyed it as much as I did!

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HAPPY EASTER to ALL.  Alleluia:  HE LIVES!!!!!