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Monday, January 23, 2012

January Birds --on a Frigid Winter Day in Tennessee

Downy Woodpecker
We have had a very mild winter overall here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.  However,  a cold front came through our area on January 11-12 which brought us about 2 inches of snow plus some very very cold temperatures for a few days.

During that cold spell,  my sweet little backyard birds FLOCKED to the feeders all day long.  They ate so much I had to refill the feeders several times.  I am so pleased that I can feed the birds --especially this time of year.  They count on people like me who do this.   I felt so sorry for the little birds out there in the cold ---but Georgie didn't think it would be a good idea to invite them all inside to get warm!!!!!! ha ha ha....

Needless to say,  I took a bunch of photos of some of the birds who visited us during that time.  Hope you enjoy seeing these sweet little birds.  The picture above may be one of my favorite pictures that I've taken of a Downy Woodpecker.  Isn't she pretty?

Be sure to click on the photos so that you can see larger views.

Tufted Titmouse
The little Tufted Titmice are such sweet little birds.   The are very active ---and go back and forth to the feeders for hours!

Eastern Bluebird
Here is one of my favorites,  our little Eastern Bluebird.  This male looked so cold even though he is all puffed up to stay warm!!!!!

Dark-eyed Junco
Everytime we get some snow,  the  Dark-eyed Juncos  (which seem to love snow) are always around the feeders.   They seem to stay below the feeders --and are happy eating some of the spillage.

Northern Cardinal
This male Northern Cardinal thinks he is hiding from me in the Rhododendron.   Since he is that bright red color,  I'm sure he finds it hard to hide!!!!!!

White-breasted Nuthatch
Another favorite of mine is the White-breasted Nuthatch... When I am on the deck filling the feeders,  there is always a Nuthatch in a nearby tree.  He just talks to me while I'm out there... Chatter Chatter Chatter!!!!!  (He's probably saying:  "Hurry up, Lady.  I'm hungry!")

Gray Catbird
I had a hard time deciding who this little guy was... He was really puffy and his gray color is darker in Winter...  After researching,  I think he is a Gray Catbird.   The birds love my 'heated' bird bath this time of year --since they need water,  and many places, it is frozen now.

Eastern Bluebird
Finally,  here's a picture of a female Eastern Bluebird.   I enjoy seeing the colorful males,  but the females are just as beautiful --in their own way!

I have another set to show you sometime...  I always enjoy watching the birds  anytime of year,  but winter is very special.    I still want to invite them inside to get warm... What do you think????? ha ha ha