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Monday, April 27, 2020

Anyone Love TULIPS????

Hello Blog Friends,   How are YOU?   Hope you are staying well, healthy and safe through this COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.   May God be with us,  and help us realize that there will be better times ahead for us,  our children, grandchildren and all whom we love.

We love growing Tulips --but will admit that with as many chipmunks and squirrels as we have around here,  it's VERY hard to keep tulips growing, and returning the following year.  Those little critters love to dig up the bulbs and eat them---or move them around!!!!  AND--they do that year-round!!!

BUT--we did manage to have some pretty ones this past month.... SO--today I'll share some pictures with you of our 2020 TULIP COLLECTION.  All pictures were taken between  3/22/20 and 4/16/20.  Hope you enjoy the tulips and all of their different colors...

Someone told us to plant our Tulips beside Daffodils --since the critters don't like Daffodils.. That 'sorta' works --but the tulips can get hidden around the Daffodils!!!! ha

Always a favorite of mine!!

The Deep Purple Tulips have always been a favorite of mine --but this year,  we only had ONE.... 

My favorite Tulip this year!!!!

We had a few Double Tulips this year.   This was my favorite --since I love the colors!!!!  (Doesn't look like a Tulip to most people,  does it?)
OKAY---I'll stop!!!!!   But for a 'tulip lover' like me,   I enjoy showing ours off.  This Spring though,  we have missed seeing the Tulips and Azaleas at Biltmore SO much.  Thanks to special friends for sending me pictures of Tulips in their part of our country/world...

Have a great week and stay HEALTHY!!!!