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Monday, February 8, 2010

One More Set of SNOW Pictures

Aren't you saying HALLELUJAH that this will be the last set of my snow pictures from our Snow and Ice Storm on January 29 and 30????? After seeing all of the pictures from the HUGE storm along the East Coast this past weekend, our 5-6 inch snow looks just like a 'dusting' to that storm. BUT---it was a 'neat' storm for us --and we enjoyed taking pictures to share. Above is a neat picture looking across our backyard toward the woodpile. Below are more pictures!!!

I took this picture of George when we were out on the golf course fairway, behind our house.

We saw deer tracks out on the golf course. This showed how heavy the deer are ---since they made TRACKS ---and George and I couldn't sink into the snow AT ALL.... Crazy!!!!

Another view from our back yard--looking toward the lower end of the golf course fairway

This Eskimo loved being out in the snow.... However, I had to take my gloves off to take pictures---and after being out in the cold for awhile, my fingers were so cold, I couldn't feel the buttons on the camera.... Brrrrrrr!!!

The sun came out on Sunday, the 31st. Families were out on the golf course fairway sledding. I watched them a little while---wishing that my kids and grandkids could have been here.

One more picture of the sledding; I was on our deck using my long lens.. AND--the sledders were moving along so fast, it was hard to get a good picture. What FUN!!!!

This picture was taken last Sunday the 31st (when the sun was out) --from our deck. I love seeing the shadows on the snow!!!! Hooray for the sun!! I think this was the last day we had sunshine here!

And---Hooray to the New Orleans Saints!!!! My team won the Super Bowl last night. I was so happy for the city of New Orleans. I sat on my sofa and cried. I lived in New Orleans in the '80's and we followed the Saints when they were not a good team. But--these fans are like Cubs fans... They don't ever give up on the team. This year --they finally WON... I am so so so so happy!!!!!

While enjoying texting with my 3 sons on the phone all evening (which I love), George and I enjoyed a dinner of Brats on the grill, 'tater salad and baked beans... Yum!!! AND--we watched the commercials also. As usual, there were some really good commercials and some really bad ones. (And we won't even talk about the halftime show!) ....... BUT--a few of my favorite commercials were:
-Budweiser's Human Bridge
-Clydesdale Fences (friendship between a young Clydesdale and a young steer)
-Doritos Play Nice (Little Boy protecting his Mama from a boyfriend)
-Doritos Dog Gets Revenge
-Bridgestone Bachelor Party
-E trade Girlfriends
What were your favorites?????

Hope you have a great Monday... We have had flurries all weekend --with more coming Tuesday and again Friday.. Don't think the sun is ever going to come out here!!!!