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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Views from North Carolina

This is the fourth post about our trip to visit friends in the North Carolina mountains. Today I'll feature three different views for you. Above is one view of the mountains taken from Judy and Charlie's deck/porch. They are so lucky since they have a view year-round!!!! Below are other views. Be sure and click on the photos for a enlarged photo.

This view is a picture of Judy and Charlie's back yard (left side)---taken from the porch above.

We had some rain off and on while we were in North Carolina. The clouds always make for a beautiful sunset, along with many other great views. This view (like all of them) was taken from the deck/porch. I sometimes use the word porch (the covered area) and the word deck (uncovered area). Who knows or cares????!!!!! ha

Aren't those clouds gorgeous???? They look like they are telling a story. What a marvelous view!!!!

Another view from the deck; You can see the road below their home. The North Carolina mountains are just awesome.

I like this daytime view because of the beautiful clouds.. We also saw quite a bit of fog on the mountains at times, especially after the intermittent rains. Judy and Charlie's porch has a metal roof---so when rain hits the roof, the sound is just so enjoyable while sitting on the porch. As I've said many times, the entire trip was fantastic!!!

Another view of Judy and Charlie's back yard (right side); See the 'shed' out back!

Here's one more picture of their view during the daytime ---with interesting clouds all around.

Finally, look at this view!!!!!! WOW is all I can say.... Isn't God's world just awesome in every way?????


The "Rose of the Day" in our yard is named BEWITCHED. Isn't this one beautiful??? George brought a beautiful Bewitched bud into the house yesterday and put it in a bud vase for me on the table. It's so pretty, and since it is PINK, I thought about Blog friend Diane. Bet she'll like this one for sure!!!!!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!!!!