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Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Home--All Decked Out for Christmas

Today I will share with you some of our outside pictures in and around our home --all lit up for Christmas.  I took this picture right before dark--so you could see the big red bow which hangs on our lamppost.  You can also see all three of our wreaths now.

Here is a picture showing our home --as it continues to get darker outside.

And,  now it is obviously DARK outside...  You can't see the big red bows in the the windows above the candles (garage and the window on the right next to the bird feeder) --but they add color during the daytime.

We have garland, bows and lights strung all across the deck --which we also enjoy seeing at nights while looking out of our sliding glass doors.

I stood in the back yard and took this picture of the garland on the deck --and also the Christmas tree inside our home.  This is not a very good picture --but I wanted to include it to show you the lights from the back.  You can also see some of my bird feeders.

Here  is our newest wreath --all lit up for you.  Isn't it gorgeous?

And here is the first wreath all lit up --which we bought three years ago for the front of our home.   The other wreath is now my header.   Several people said that they liked it the best --so I decided to feature it as the header.

Hope you enjoyed seeing more of our Christmas decorations. I enjoy decorating for Christmas so much these days.  As I have told several of you in blogs,  gift-giving is not what is important to us at Christmas.  We just choose not to spend our money that way, although we do small gifts for each other and for family and friends.  However,  we DO decorate --and truly love it... That makes Christmas special for us.


LET IT SNOW..... This picture was taken yesterday afternoon.  We have lots of snow here now along with bitter cold temperatures...  I love the snow--but not sure I like this cold cold weather!!!!!  Don't you love seeing the snowflakes in the picture???  It felt almost like a blizzard out there taking pictures!!!! ha

Have a tremendous day!