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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Which One to You Want?

When we visited Little River Canyon on Valentine's Day, I couldn't help but notice three huge homes sitting along the top of the canyon on the 'other' side from where we were. I thought to myself: "What a neat place to have a home!!!! WOW---what a view!"

Today I'll share with you a few more pictures of that gorgeous canyon --and I'll show you the three homes!!!! You can pick a fav!!!!! Above is a beautiful picture of the canyon. Below are more!

Can you see that house sitting at the top of the canyon????? Wow..... Do you want that one????

Here's a close-up of the house---which I got with the zoom lens... I'm sure that 'tiny little house' doesn't cost much.... Ya think???? ha

Here's another home at the top of the canyon. What a view they must have!

Here's a close up of that house. Another tiny one, huh????

I think this is where I said: "Honey, will you buy us that home?" Wonder what George's answer was!!!!!!!!????????

I only took one picture of this beauty... This was when we were taking pictures of the kayakers below. I looked up--and there she was!!!!! WOW--what a house....

"Honey, I changed my mind... I want that last home!!!! Okay, Sweetie Pie???? PUH-LEASE!"

Here's one last picture of Little River Canyon. I can only imagine having a house (or even a teeny tiny cabin) on top of the canyon --with a view like this.... (How 'bout a tent?)

Well--did you pick a fav????? Maybe we can all go in together and buy one of them --and share it!!! It could be a Blogger House!!!!

If you want to see other pictures from our trip to Little River Canyon, go to the sidebar LABEL list and click on LITTLE RIVER CANYON. Or click HERE for one of the posts showing the canyon.

Have a great Tuesday.