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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Deer on Bald Knob, West VA

This is our guide.. The deer obviously know him.  He is taking them a 'goodie'!
On September 16, 2011,  George and I were in Cass, West Virginia riding an old steam engine train up to Bald Knob (elevation 4700+ feet).  IF you missed my post on this ride,  click HERE to read about it.   As I mentioned in that post,  when we got to Bald Knob,  we enjoyed watching some deer coming for some snacks...  Apparently,  they come every afternoon when the train gets there--because they know that someone will bring them some treats!  Here are my photos of the deer at Bald Knob!!!!

Mama Deer will come right up to our guide... The baby is not quite sure!!!!!

The guide walks closer to the train... Mama follows.. Baby stays behind!!!

Now --there are THREE interested deer around!!!

Looking up at us (on the train),  the deer is saying: "Anyone got any food for me?????"

Mom and Baby are leaving.. Guess they got enough to eat!!!!!

We are leaving ---but the deer is still standing there hoping for more food..  (The guide had told us to throw crackers/bread/popcorn out for them.  They got alot of snacks!!!)
This was just so neat ---watching the deer 'begging' for food...  Our guide was just marvelous.  He talked to us on a microphone the entire trip---giving us history of the area all along the way...  He'd tell us when to look a certain direction for great views... It was awesome!!!!!

IF you ever get to West Virginia,  be sure to go to Cass --and ride the train... SO much FUN!!!!!

Have a great day.