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Monday, September 16, 2013

SOUNDS----the Good Ones and the Bad Ones

I got this idea from blog friend,  Arkansas Patti (NEW SIXTY)..  Thanks, Patti!!!!  I enjoyed commenting on her blog so much that I decided to do a blog post myself so that I could read your idea and thoughts on SOUNDS that you like and ones that you don't....

Here are some of my ideas.... Take a minute and add some or take away some from this group!!!!!  We are all different and special --and we all love different things in this life.  It's so much fun sharing our thoughts with each other...

Above is probably the worst sound for me....  I hate to hear our HOME PHONE ringing.... I worked for many years using a phone ---calling people to get them to volunteer for things.. SO--these days,  I stay far away from phones!   Our home phone is the number we give to businesses, doctors, etc.  --and it's the number that telemarketers have (even though we are ON the no-call list)....  SO ---most of the time,  we don't even answer the home phone!!!!!

I do LOVE the sound of my cellphone ringing especially when it's one of my sons calling... They don't call as much as I wish they would (they are so busy) --so when I do hear from them,  I LOVE it... I also love getting text messages from them --and from other family and friends....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing the birds sing,  or squawk.... The Pileated and the Red-bellied Woodpeckers make alot of noise before coming to the feeders.  I LOVE hearing that...

Do you like hearing crying babies in church?????  I do NOT... That's what churches should have nurseries for...  I am thrilled that young families go to church ---but PLEASE take the children out if they are noisy!!!!!!

How about STRIKING CLOCKS???  Many people don't like them --but I love them.  We have three old clocks and all of them strike.... LOVE that sound!

How about lawnmowers?????   I don't mind hearing them most of the time  (and I love to smell grass which has been mown) ---but when the golf course lawn mowers mow about 6:30 am,  I'm usually not a Happy Camper... ha ha

Do you listen to music?  Both George and I love music ---and we listen to music ALOT.... We both have earphones at  our computers ---and enjoy all of the music we have on our iTunes....  There is SOME music which I don't love (like heavy rock or rap) ---but for the most part,  I do love music.

How  about the sound of LAUGHTER?   I love hearing someone give a big-ole-belly laugh!!!!!  I also love hearing toddlers laughing loudly!!!!

Do  you like thunderstorms????  I do --most of the time.  BUT--when thunder wakes me up during the middle of the night,  I don't like that sound....  HOWEVER,  I adore hearing the rain hit our skylights... What a wondeful sound!

How  about hearing your doorbell ring????  I don't usually care for that sound unless I am 'expecting' someone...  Most of the time,  I'm not dressed for company!!!!! ha ha

What about BARKING DOGS?   They drive me crazy --and if I ever have another dog,  I want one that barks RARELY... ha....  Seriously,  the saddest thing is having to listen to the poor, chained up dog in our neighborhood... He barks ALL DAY LONG...   That is sad!

Do you enjoy hearing TRAIN WHISTLES?   I love it --since I grew up in an area where trains were very important.  My Dad worked for the railroad --so trains are special to me.  The photo above was from the Cass Railroad in West VA...  That sound of the steam engine was FANTASTIC.

What about having to listen to loud, noisy and screaming children when you are in a restaurant?????   I HATE it..... Again,  let me say that I love kids... I raised three of them.  However,  so many kids today are not disciplined.   Parents need to take control --and show the children who is BOSS... Kids need to behave!!!!!

How about the CROWD SOUNDS at a college or pro football game (or any sports event)??????   I LOVE them ---but I'm a sports fan!!!!!  (That photo is from my wonderful team,  the University of Tennessee Volunteers!!!!1)

Finally, I told you my least favorite sound (phone ringing) ---so now,  I'll tell you my FAVORITE SOUND....  You could have guessed it I'm sure!!!! ha.....

This photo is one that I took on Sept. 5 when we were in the Tremont area of the Smoky Mountains... I love love love the sound of raging water ---whether it be waterfalls,  cascades or just a raging creek....  LOVE it.

Now it's your turn!!!!!  What is your favorite sound and what is your LEAST favorite sound?????

Have a wonderful day.