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Monday, September 16, 2013

SOUNDS----the Good Ones and the Bad Ones

I got this idea from blog friend,  Arkansas Patti (NEW SIXTY)..  Thanks, Patti!!!!  I enjoyed commenting on her blog so much that I decided to do a blog post myself so that I could read your idea and thoughts on SOUNDS that you like and ones that you don't....

Here are some of my ideas.... Take a minute and add some or take away some from this group!!!!!  We are all different and special --and we all love different things in this life.  It's so much fun sharing our thoughts with each other...

Above is probably the worst sound for me....  I hate to hear our HOME PHONE ringing.... I worked for many years using a phone ---calling people to get them to volunteer for things.. SO--these days,  I stay far away from phones!   Our home phone is the number we give to businesses, doctors, etc.  --and it's the number that telemarketers have (even though we are ON the no-call list)....  SO ---most of the time,  we don't even answer the home phone!!!!!

I do LOVE the sound of my cellphone ringing especially when it's one of my sons calling... They don't call as much as I wish they would (they are so busy) --so when I do hear from them,  I LOVE it... I also love getting text messages from them --and from other family and friends....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing the birds sing,  or squawk.... The Pileated and the Red-bellied Woodpeckers make alot of noise before coming to the feeders.  I LOVE hearing that...

Do you like hearing crying babies in church?????  I do NOT... That's what churches should have nurseries for...  I am thrilled that young families go to church ---but PLEASE take the children out if they are noisy!!!!!!

How about STRIKING CLOCKS???  Many people don't like them --but I love them.  We have three old clocks and all of them strike.... LOVE that sound!

How about lawnmowers?????   I don't mind hearing them most of the time  (and I love to smell grass which has been mown) ---but when the golf course lawn mowers mow about 6:30 am,  I'm usually not a Happy Camper... ha ha

Do you listen to music?  Both George and I love music ---and we listen to music ALOT.... We both have earphones at  our computers ---and enjoy all of the music we have on our iTunes....  There is SOME music which I don't love (like heavy rock or rap) ---but for the most part,  I do love music.

How  about the sound of LAUGHTER?   I love hearing someone give a big-ole-belly laugh!!!!!  I also love hearing toddlers laughing loudly!!!!

Do  you like thunderstorms????  I do --most of the time.  BUT--when thunder wakes me up during the middle of the night,  I don't like that sound....  HOWEVER,  I adore hearing the rain hit our skylights... What a wondeful sound!

How  about hearing your doorbell ring????  I don't usually care for that sound unless I am 'expecting' someone...  Most of the time,  I'm not dressed for company!!!!! ha ha

What about BARKING DOGS?   They drive me crazy --and if I ever have another dog,  I want one that barks RARELY... ha....  Seriously,  the saddest thing is having to listen to the poor, chained up dog in our neighborhood... He barks ALL DAY LONG...   That is sad!

Do you enjoy hearing TRAIN WHISTLES?   I love it --since I grew up in an area where trains were very important.  My Dad worked for the railroad --so trains are special to me.  The photo above was from the Cass Railroad in West VA...  That sound of the steam engine was FANTASTIC.

What about having to listen to loud, noisy and screaming children when you are in a restaurant?????   I HATE it..... Again,  let me say that I love kids... I raised three of them.  However,  so many kids today are not disciplined.   Parents need to take control --and show the children who is BOSS... Kids need to behave!!!!!

How about the CROWD SOUNDS at a college or pro football game (or any sports event)??????   I LOVE them ---but I'm a sports fan!!!!!  (That photo is from my wonderful team,  the University of Tennessee Volunteers!!!!1)

Finally, I told you my least favorite sound (phone ringing) ---so now,  I'll tell you my FAVORITE SOUND....  You could have guessed it I'm sure!!!! ha.....

This photo is one that I took on Sept. 5 when we were in the Tremont area of the Smoky Mountains... I love love love the sound of raging water ---whether it be waterfalls,  cascades or just a raging creek....  LOVE it.

Now it's your turn!!!!!  What is your favorite sound and what is your LEAST favorite sound?????

Have a wonderful day.


Our photos said...

The foto from the train we like!
Greeting, RW & SK

Ms. A said...

Only one thing to say, if my doorbell rings and I'm not expecting someone (in this age of cell phones, there's no excuse) I am not nice about it at all. Anyone that knows me, full well knows this. If they choose not to call ahead, they may not have a head left after I snap it off!

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Betsy I would take quite a while in time to mae a comprehensive list like your so just a few now. Love the sound of the sea and the birds and the silence of being in my caravan in a field. Love the soundof laughter. Hate the sound of people russeling bags of sweets in a theatre or cinema, noisey children in church if it is not a family service and dogs barking too long. When I thinkof it, there are probably more sounds I like that those I hate.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Betsy!

My favorite sound is the sound of my grandchildren's voices.

My least favorite sound it the sound of my grandchildren's voices when they are crying or whining...lol!

I love the sound of my husband;s voice,ocean waves, birds, small tinkling wind chimes, music, quaking aspen trees, and cat's purring.

I linked to your blog in my post tonight, as I visited the Chapel on the Rocks and loved your post about it.

Claudette Fernandes said...

You know I love the sound of music (not heavy rock,metal,rap). The pitter patter of raindrops.
Happy to hear "familiar sounds" of the bike when my son drives home for the weekend, & our old jeep(now sold)when hubby drove in.

eileeninmd said...

Great post, Betsy! And a wonderful idea. We only have cell phones and we do not have a door bell. My favorite sounds would be the birds, ocean waves, waterfalls and sometimes a thunder storm. I enjoyed this post and your answers. Have a happy day!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh Betsy, you sure brought a smile to my face especially with the noises you DONT like! -chuckle- I'm with you on most of them!

Oh I do love a good thunderstorm!

PS:thank you for your loving comment)


Sandra said...

laughter is a sound I love, big belly laughs or chuckles, they are contagious and put a smile on everyone's faces, and a sound I dislike? a big loud bang, it gives me a little fright and unnerves me!! great post Betsy! x x x

Ann said...

What a neat idea for a post. I agree with most of your here.
Probably the least favorite noise is the screaming children. they make me crazy. Another of the least favorite is the super loud exhaust fans at work that I have to listen to all day.
My favorite sound would be anything in nature

Arkansas Patti said...

Thanks so much for the shout out. I so enjoyed hearing from the commenters and most reminded me of sound I also loved or hated. Can't find anything to argue with about your list.

Sandra said...

the ones i love
wailing train, waterfalls, some music not all, birds singing except for our mocking bird when he gets stuck on the same note for hours..
ones that drive me nuts
babys crying, kids screaming for no reason, roar of sports crowds, the sound of NASCAR going round and round in our living room as in zoom zoom zoo with loud announcers.
Barking dogs drive me nuts

anything LOUD makes me crazy.. the ring of the phone i am with you all the way..
on the fence about the clock.. love it when i am awake but not during sleeping hours...

From the Kitchen said...

I like the sound of rain on a tin roof. I like the sound of dried leaves rustling in the wind. I like the laughter of children. I don't like sudden loud noises--therefore, I do not like circuses or fireworks.

Let me put in a word about barking dogs: Dalmatians are not barkers. If they do bark, it needs to be checked out because something is amiss or afoot!!


Marcia said...

I whole heartedly concur with your list. My chiming clock is chiming as I write this. We hear the train and its whistle through the woods. Lovely sounds as is the sound of the rain on our metal roof.

One addition - the wind through the trees except when its a violent storm.

linda m said...

Great post. I love the sound of falling water, a distant train whistle, falling rain,birds singing, music, laughter. I dislike barking dogs, crying babies, screaming kids, THE PHONE RINGING (unless it's my son or friends), most loud noises. This is fun.

Anonymous said...

I like your list! I hate to hear the home phone ring, too. After working all those years, dread just pours over me when it rings!!!
I enjoy open windows and birdsong or wind in the trees.

Have a great day!

Linda said...

Your question got me thinking and I would say that my favourite noise is the sound of the waves going back and forth on a beach or any watery sound if it's soft and gentle - flowing over rocks etc. Noises that I don't like are made by any sort of drill whether men working on the road or a dentist working on my teeth! We will gloss over the last and think of something we rarely hear now - the clackety clack of an old steam engine going over the tracks. I would love to take a trip on a vintage steam train and hear that sound again.

Liene said...

I'm not a fan of the doorbell either. Luckily it's just a matter of taking out the batteries, if it's someone at the door I need to talk to, they know how to get ahold of me! I love train whistles also, probably because both of my boys love watching trains - the whistle just lets me know in which direction to point their attention. And of course, a least favorite is the dog barking, however I find that the higher the pitch, the more annoying. Favorite sound: rain. Whether on a skylight, tent, camper, or just through the window. Thanks Betsy and have a wonderful week!

Daisy said...

I love the sound of my sons' voices and look forward to hearing from them. I also love music. Sometimes my favorite sound is no sound at all, as I cherish silence too. I don't like the sounds of sirens in the neighborhood.

Karin said...

My favourite sound was always, "Honey, I'm home!" Then I love the sound of laughter, thunderstorms and rain, rustling leaves, a majestic trumpet solo, good male quartets or choir, the robin's evening song, Amazing Grace on the bagpipes (that's the only one on there!), ocean waves lapping the shore, the rhythmic breath of a dear sick one finally able to sleep, my cell when it rings the ring-tone of a loved one!

Have a exceedingly low tolerance of kids screaming, dogs barking, blackboard scratching, music blaring, and crowd decibels!!

Probably more - but this will do! Have a great day!

Neal said...

Here is a list of my favorite sounds: 1) Night sounds in the country where there is a lot of different things making sounds 2) Whippoorwill singing away (play sound http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/eastern_whip-poor-will/sounds)
3) Water .... gentle flow of water 4) Thunderstorm as long as it's not a violent storm 5) Rain on a tin roof (zzzzzzzzzz). You mentioned a lot of sounds I don't like. There are so many useless sounds. You buy a PC and it makes a sound when you turn in on and turn it off(why???). The first thing I do is disable that. People get up at a motel and can't unlock the doors with a key so it wakes people up. I hate how people come in late at night in a motel and bang doors etc.....show a little respect please.

DeniseinVA said...

Likes? The sound of the sea shore, laughter, I used to love the sound of the church bells echoing over the valley on a Sunday morning in my village. Dislikes? Parents yelling at their kids to behave in a restaurant, they should take them to a quiet spot outside until the tantrum is over, and if it goes on pay their bill and take them home. Other dislikes, high pitched sounds, whistles for instance.

You asked what was our favorite place and I have to agree with you, Yellowstone! I also loved the Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon, but so many places were phenomenal. This is a beautiful country!

DeniseinVA said...

One more like, the sound of the birds when we are able to leave the windows open. I have so many more but can't think of one right now.

Small City Scenes said...

I too love the sound of a waterfall---whether it is raging or just tinkling. I got rid of my land line years ago. With everyone having a cell phone why answer only to listen to a telemarketeer.
Sounds are amazing things--some I like and some I don't but I am thankful that I can hear. MB

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do love the sound of rain and laughter and singing.

I don't mind crying children - sometimes you can't do anything about it as a parent and there is nothing more stressful than others judging you when that happens...

Helen said...

Is that sign about screaming children for real? I could ignore and tolerate lot of sounds. I love the sound of children laughters. But I can't stand the sound of the screaming children especially in public area. My children knew I'm their boss. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy, My favorite sound is bird song. My least favorite sound is electronic screech-hum from any mis-tuned electronics (feedback). My second favorite sound is the sound of ocean waves. Have a super good day!

Farida said...

Hello Ms Betsy, it was fun reading through your list.

I love the sound of the rain. We live in a tropical country that rains terribly during the rainy season. And when I start enjoying its sound and the cool weather it brings, I feel a bit guilty because I know that there are many people who might be losing properties due to the downfall. On the other hand, I hate noisy music like rock or when our neighbors start singing karaoke.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I hate the phone ringing too... also due to a previous job.

Grandma Bonnie said...

Very surprising post. I guess with sounds we are just about the same. I love when my children call which is not often enough. I really dislike the sound of car music that is thumping two blocks before we can see it. Birds and water are wonderful sounds. Babies and children crying depend on why they are crying. If its because the parents are ignoring them or being mean to the child my heart breaks and I can't stand to listen. If it is because the child is misbehaving I can tolerate it to an extent because that is what children do. I hope you have a wonderful week.

Terry and Linda said...

I hate the phone ringing...like others have said because of my work years ago.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The sweetest sound is the voice of my granddaughter,when she says,Hi Grandma,can I come over? Next to that and a VERY close second is my Southern Gospel Music. Love singing birds and rain on the roof,even a good daytime thunderstorm.

Anonymous said...

Betsy - thanks for the clarification... I hear you about noisy kids in church though!

SweetMarie said...

I love hearing the ocean, really any water in nature is nice. I don't like our home phone ringing and don't answer it most of the time. lol
When I'm out late and there is a child crying and I know it's because they want to be home asleep and their parent is dragging through Wal-mart or the grocery store I want to scream at the parent! Just sayin'. :)

Great list Mom! :)

Catherine said...

I always hate it when parents let their children run around and scream in restaurants. I used to be a waitress and was always scared of spilling something on the little 'darlings'. Saturday Wayne and I were out for lunch and their was a family with 3 little kids running around. Drove me bonkers. Those children should be in the play centre at McDonalds!!! There was another family with two little children there that sat quietly at the table and colored. Now those children you can take to a nice restaurant. LOL!
xo Catherine

Eva Ason said...

What a cool post:)
My ringtone on my mobile is cool...it's the song I feel good by James brown lol I hate noisy people at the office..we have a few annoying and noisy people at work.
I am not a phone person to be honest, call very little.
Enjoy your week


Cheryl @ TFD said...

Neat post, Betsy! Sounds I love most - my family laughing and sounds of nature. Sounds I love least - sirens, lawnmowers on Sunday, and unruly kids screaming or crying in public.

Jazzmin said...

What a fun post!! It was so interesting to read, and it looks like we love a lot of the same sounds! The whole time I was reading, I was wondering if you were going to list water in nature. Then I saw it at the end! I think that would have to be my favorite, too! Rapids, waterfalls, brooks, or rivers, especially in the Mountains where that lovely scent is in the air, too.

Hugs to you, and I hope you have a blessed day :)

Ginny said...

What a great idea, this is fun!!! I LOVE: birds singing, children laughing, the sound of Phil's voice, the bonging sounds you hear in department stores, train whistles. Sounds I HATE...the doorbell unless I am expecting someone,chain saws. Just the other day in the car I was telling Phil the three worst words I hate to have someone say to me, and now we both FORGET!!! I will let you know when and if I remember.

Happyone said...

I like babies laughing.
Raindrops on my umbrella.
Wind chimes.
Church bells.
Wind blowing through the trees.
Water flowing over stones.
The sound of my car. : )

Don't like whining children.
Screaming little girls.
Alarm clocks.

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love a rain storm, trains, old clocks ... & plenty of other sounds too.

i dislike the phone - glad we got rid of it. we only have cells now ... i enjoy picking certain rings for folks i really love & care for ... it is fun when they sound off because you know who it is - sort of fun & exciting too!! i really dislike crying or screaming in close quarters ... i know it happens but understand or wish they would take them outside to a more open place. i really really dislike fire alarms, or the clock alarm for that matter ... i nearly have a heart attack when they go off. no kidding.

think this is the longest comment i have ever left before. ha. ha!!!

enjoy your week. ( :

Shug said...

This is cute!! Oh....the sounds of SOUND! Tori's precious dog (Buddy) came to my mind. Sounds hurt his ears and when a siren goes by, he just about goes nuts! The sound that does it for me is the TV. YEP, the noise of the TV stresses me. When I'm home by myself, the thing is never turned on. During the evening hours, the other members of this family, turn the sound up and it's all I can do to stay in the same room with them.
My ears must be sensitive like Buddies!! lol.

Nellie said...

I, too, dislike the sound of the doorbell - IF I am not expecting someone. I love to hear a gentle rain on the roof, but no violent storms!

Out on the prairie said...

My fav is laughter and least fav would be crying

Busy Bee Suz said...

I enjoy the sound of the rain...and of course laughter.
Hearing someone chew their food makes me want to shank them.
LOL. I've got no tolerance for bad manners. :) Can you believe that???

SquirrelQueen said...

What a great list Betsy. I love the sound of the ocean waves on the beach, the wind in the trees, birds singing and kittens purring.

At the top of my don't like is Leaf blowers, crying/screaming children and barking dogs. We got rid of our home phone and only use cell phones. The home phone would always ring just as we sat down to dinner and it would always be a telemarketer.

Linda said...

I loved reading your thoughts, Betsy. I do like the sounds of nature...birds, water, wind in the trees, etc. Not so crazy about loud music in church. What's up with that? Do people think God has gone deaf?

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I think my least favorite sound is whining. I can't stand it! My favorite sound? Think it would be a toss up between laughter and rain.

Jeanne said...

Great post. I love hearing most sounds of nature variety - waterfalls, thunder storms, birds, cayotes. I don 't like loud tv, ventahood, or computer game noises. My dog, Sadie can't stand hearing the lawn mower so I usually take her for a ride when my husband mows.

Chatty Crone said...

I love the sound of rainfalls. I agree with crying babies and barking dogs. I don't like the phone to much either - if there was ever trouble in my family when I was younger - the phone would always ring and it would be a huge problem. I love to hear laughter.I don';t like lawn mowers early in the morning or leaf blowers! Good post. sandie

Beatriz said...

Hello Betsy!

I hate phone hanging too, argh! I prefer the birds singing their joyful synphony....

Big hug!



LV said...

We share about the same in our likes and dislike. As you said, I love children but they should be made to mind in public. My brother-in-law said one time, he was going to ask for a no child section. Great post.

Joy said...

This us a different post than you normally shared to us. I had fun reading your likes and dislikes of different sound.
Well, for me, I love hearing the silence voice of God.
I love hearing my children calling me mama and my grandkids calling me grandma. I love the voice of my hubby. I love to hear worship songs. Birds chirping is also music to my ears.
I dont like the sound of rock and raps music.
The noise fron the engines of different machines.
And like you, children crying and shouting.

troutbirder said...

Well I'll be. We have very much the same taste in sounds. It's clearly the sign of a deep and thoughtful intelligence....:) The gentle sound of a quiet forest with the tinkle running water is my favorite though.

Sharon said...

Well I'm late on this one, but will add my two cents worth anyway....I am a quiet person by nature, so any noise that is loud or repetitive is bothersome to me. My second favorite sound is the sound of water rushing over the streams in my beloved mountains, but my favorite sound in the whole world is the sound of my sweet husband's voice when he walks in the back door and says, "Hi darlin, I'm home!"

Rose said...

Oh, gosh...I could do a blog post on this, too. I LOVE hearing the birds, too...specially Carolina wrens. Just the happiest sound....

Love hearing Lorelei laugh...or any child for that matter.

Love the sounds of silence sometimes.

Hate the sounds of a siren in one sense because it usually means something bad for someone...but oh how good to hear when you need it.

Don't mind a baby just crying, in church or anywhere, but not the screaming type of crying like when they are mad and not getting their way.

Love music...can find music I like in almost any style. Love to clean house with Roger in his work shop till I can have music loud enough to hear over the vacuum;-)

Love the sound of a sewing machine or the sound of the shutter on a camera...those two sounds are magic to my ears.

Love the sound of a chainsaw if I am the one using it...LOL May be funny, but true anyway. I even love that smell!

I just always sort of hold my breath when the phone rings...wondering will it be someone I want to hear from or someone I don't want to talk to.

I hate a dog that barks all the time...I don't know how people can put their neighbors through that. It just isn't right. But I do like a dog that barks at things...that are not normal. There used to be one neighborhood dog...if he barked, I always went outside to check. He never, ever barked just because he was frustrated.

Oh, do I ever love a storm...even if it wakes me up. In fact, I want to be woken just so I can hear it, though it lulls me right back to sleep.

And I love the sound of the old John Deere tractors...

Love the sound of Harleys, and even some of the other motorcycles these days. Used to a Harley Davidson had a distinct sound till I could always pick them out, even without seeing.

I could go on and on, but need to stop!