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Friday, June 14, 2013

Three Very Different Sunrises

SUNRISE on February 14, 2013
As most of you know,  George and I visit  Mt. Nebo State Park in Arkansas at least once a year,  sometimes twice.  We stay in a little cabin on the top of the mountain with a view of the valley below.  One thing we love to do when we are there is to get up early and drive to Sunrise Point and watch the sun come up!!!!!

Today,  I will show you THREE different sunrises on three very different mornings.  One morning,  we experienced some clouds.  Another morning was fog in the valley below, and on another morning,  it was as clear and extremely colorful!!!!   Hope you enjoy seeing our sunrises taken at the same place ---but all very different,  one from the other.   Be sure to click on all photos to see enlargements.

I.  First,  comes the  FOGGY morning  (February 14, 2013)...  There is a bench at Sunrise Point where we can sit and just take in all of that beauty.  The picture above shows the bench ---and also shows the fog in the valley below... It looks like marshmallow cream down there!!!  Anyone got any hot chocolate????  (Hot Chocolate would have tasted good since it was a cold morning.)

Here's a close-up of the FOG below us.  Beautiful,  isn't it?

George took this picture of me sitting on the bench --waiting for that sun to pop up!!!  Except for being COLD (afterall,  it's February),   I loved sitting there gazing at the sky and valley below.

OH MY---Here comes Mr. Sunshine!!!  See it?    Oh Wow!

And here is Mr. Sun--showing all of his glory and majesty...  Anyone who doesn't believe in God has never experienced a sunrise!!!!!!   Awesome!

SUNRISE on February 15, 2013

II.  Here is another morning that week (February 15, 2013)---with very different --but quite interesting results...  Here comes a morning with lots of CLOUDS around.   See how different it looks????

Clouds do make for a very interesting sky,  don't they?????  Like I said,  it's quite different---but beautiful in its own way.

When we finally got a hole in the clouds,   George got this picture of Mr. Sun ---peering at us through the clouds... Not a typical sunrise --but pretty, nevertheless!!!

SUNRISE on February 12, 2013

III.  This was the best day for beautiful colors in the sky.   This sunrise was one of the most gorgeous ones I have EVER seen.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  The picture above was what it looked like when we first got there... The town below (Dardanelle, Arkansas) was beginning to wake up!

The sky just got more vivid ---and you can see the reflections on the water below.

Look at all of the colors in the sky...  (And this is not photo-shopped.  It is straight out of the camera!!! All of my photos are, since I seldom touch anything up.)   Amazing,  isn't it!  Thanks be to God for our beautiful world.  If we humans would only learn to take care of it!

Here she comes!!!!!  "You are my sunshine --my only sunshine."  (Don't know why sometimes I think of the sun as being a 'he' and sometimes a 'she'..... ha ha )

Finally,   that glorious sunshine appears and we can begin another day!!!!! WOW!!!

I am so blessed to get to sit on that bench and see those beautiful sunrises.   Our home here in Tennessee is between mountain ranges --so it's hard to ever catch a nice sunrise or sunset from here.   SO---as much as I don't like to get up REALLY EARLY,  seeing a sunrise like this makes it all worthwhile.  Thanks be to God for all of the beauty that surrounds us.

Hope you enjoyed all three mornings of sunrises.   We also saw sunsets (from our cabin) --so that post will come at a later time.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend --and don't forget to get out in nature and do some walking!!!  It's good for all of us!

BLOG BREAK:  We're going to take a couple of weeks off from blogging...  Lots of 'stuff' going on here.  Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.  We should start blogging again on July 1st.  I will be checking email and Facebook --so you can keep up with me that way if you want to.