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Monday, May 16, 2022

IRISES in our YARD --2022 (Part II)

Dear Blog Friends,  Last week I published some of our beautiful IRIS Collections.  See that post by clicking HERE.

Today I'll share Part II of our IRISES this year.  As I said last week,  this has been our BEST year yet when it comes to the Irises...They are almost gone now --and will be missed.  BUT I have lots of pictures to keep looking at and sharing.

Part II shows some of the single IRISES up close and personal... Sit back and enjoy seeing these beauties... Imagine a yard full of about 500 of these (all different colors).  It has been magnificent.

Eggnog Iris 4/25/22

My Friend Jonathan Iris 4/26/22

Second Fiddle Iris 4/28/22

Floor Show Iris 4/28/22

Garden Grace Iris  4/29/22

Feedback Iris 4/29/22

Concertina Iris 4/29/22

Paprika Fono's Iris 5/3/22

Buckwheat Iris 5/3/22

Victoria Falls Iris 5/4/22

Orange Harvest Iris 5/4/22

Cantina Iris 5/4/22

Picasa Moon Iris 5/6/22

Elizabeth Poldack Iris 5/9/22

Tennessee Vol Iris 5/11/22

Mother Earth Iris 5/11/22

Champagne Elegance Iris 5/12/22

WELL --that's enough, but some of my favorites...I mostly tried to pick different ones from last week's group,  but there were still many more beauties...  I will close with my all-time (for years) favorite IRIS...

Hope you have an awesome week ahead...



Bountiful Harvest Iris  4/28/22