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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas at our Home

Our Christmas Tree 2012
For those who have followed my blog for several years,  you know how much I love Christmas...  I love decorating inside and outside.  I  am not an elegant person (never have been---never will be)----so my decorations are just things that we love... Many are little things which someone made at one time... To me,  decorations bring back memories---and Christmas is all about MEMORIES....

Today,  I will share some of the little decorations around our house now.  The picture above is our tree.   When George and I got married in 2001,  one tradition that we started was sharing some ornaments with each other... That tradition has continued ---and as you can tell,  our tree is FULL of lots and lots of ornaments we have give to each other.   (George says that we need a new tree --or a bigger one--- IF we get many more ornaments on it.... ha ha )

All of these pictures were taken on Dec. 2, 2012.  Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.  Hope you enjoy seeing some of Christmas at OUR Home!!!

See the little log cabin on the left?  That was a gift that I gave George the first year we were married.   Before we bought this house,  we talked about owning a log cabin somewhere....  My dream was to be in a log cabin somewhere on a mountain in winter during a big snow storm!!!!! WELL-----we got more practical and bought this little home here in Fairfield Glade...  That little tiny log cabin (pictured above) is our ONLY log cabin!!!!!!! ha ha

AND---NOTE the big snowball next to the log cabin.... That was a gift from a friend when she and her family lived in Colorado.  It is a Colorado Snowball!!!!!  (This is the kind of Christmas decorations I LOVE.  Like I said,  you won't find ELEGANT here!!!)

I collect ANGELS ---and have quite a collection.  The picture above is one of my little Sweetie Angels.  Isn't she adorable????

The angels I have collected more recently are the WILLOW ANGELS... You can see some of them in my new header picture at the top of the page.   I have a total of 12 Willows now---and love them all... Here is a picture of some of my other angels---including the Willows.   I love all of my angels ---and have so much fun getting them out this time of year.

We love our Nativity.  This set came from George's family.   It proudly sits on our coffee table --reminding everyone what the real meaning of Christmas is.  (Behind the creche is a tiny tree with candy canes,  and also some candles...  I love candles at Christmas also!)

Since we don't have a mantel,  George and I hang our stockings on a bookcase.... Wonder if Santa will fill my stocking this year?????  Have I been naughty or nice????? Hmmmmm.

I love wreaths... I think I have about 6 different wreaths... Four are outside;  another one is on the front door;  and the one above hangs over our fireplace.

There are many more 'pretties' to show ---but I'll stop today,  and share only one other photo.   This shows a little more of our Living Room  (which is really a large Great Room ---Living/Dining combined).  You can imagine that one of my favorite things to do is to sit in my recliner with a roaring fire going in the fireplace ----enjoying the Christmas tree and Christmas music..... What a LIFE!!!!!!

Hope you can relax and enjoy this Advent season as much as I do.