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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Colorado--Day 3 (9/16/12)

The next day of our big trip out west in September led us first to Boulder, Colorado --where we visited BOULDER FALLS (pictured above)...   This waterfall looks small in this picture --but it is really  66 feet high.  Isn't it pretty surrounded by all of those 'boulders'?????

Be sure to click on the photos for enlargements.

In that same area,  we noticed more ROCK CLIMBERS...  See them????  Gee---those Colorado people really do enjoy climbing the rocks!!!!!! ha

After leaving Boulder,  we took a back, scenic road (Nederland-Richmond) heading north toward Rocky Mountain National Park.   WOW--what a beautiful drive.  And the ASPENS were glorious along this road...  AND---besides seeing all of the blooming Aspens,  you can also see snow on the Rockies in the background.... Pretty, huh?

Here's a close-up of some of the Aspens --surrounded by evergreens!

This was our view as we traveled that scenic road...  Aren't they fabulous?

I loved seeing all of the beautiful green evergreen trees surrounding the Aspens.

Here is just one more photo (out of the gazillion which I took)--also showing the beautiful dark blue sky that day!

Now we are in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  We had hoped to go to Bear Lake on this day--but the road was closed for construction.  SO---like we do frequently,  we had to go to Plan B...  Our drive took us up the mountain ---which looked so different this year when compared to June of 2011 when there was lots of snow around...  I do like the picture above --mainly because of the clouds.

We stopped at most of the overlooks along the way UP that mountain... Here is a good picture of George at one of the overlooks--in front of some Aspens.

Love this gorgeous STELLER'S JAY--which we saw several of while in Colorado. Aren't they beautiful???  They are much prettier than the Blue Jays we have here in TN.

George took this picture of me standing in the exact location where  I stood in June of 2011 when we were here --when there was LOTS and LOTS of show on the ground... It looked very different this year.   Think I liked it better when there was SNOW... ha

On our way back down the mountain,  we stopped for a long time to watch a huge gang (what they call a herd) of elk...  There was ONE male guarding his 'family' --and another male elk across the street --hoping to intrude!!!!!!  We didn't see a 'fight' that day--but we did get some great pictures...   The picture above shows just a few of that 'gang'.

Here is PAPA ELK ---showing his beauty --and keeping an eye on the male across the street....

Hope you enjoyed today's set of pictures...  It's going to take me a year to get through the photos --going day by day.  BUT--it's the best way to keep up with where I am!!!!! ha... The next set from this trip will be from the Old Falls River Road in the Rocky Mtn. National Park.

Have a wonderful day.