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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Mom---An Excellent Cook

My mother was an excellent cook. Note the picture above. I wish I had that talent---but I don't. I can cook and have, all through the years, but just don't enjoy it like Mama did. There are certain dishes that I do well (some of my kids' favorites) --but I just don't have an interest in doing much of it. However, I do like to EAT!!!! HA.....

SO---luckily my sweet husband has a passion for cooking. I didn't know until quite awhile after we met that he LOVED to cook. He has tons of cookbooks, has cooked for years ---and now fixes our entree items. I will supplement the meal with veggies and salads---but he makes some marvelous dishes for us!!! I am lucky, and as I told my friend Judy recently, eating at home these days is better than eating out!!! Recently, George made a fabulous seafood lasagna -that was better than an expensive restaurant.

Mama was an old-fashioned, country cook (meats, fresh veggies, home-made rolls, home-made desserts, etc.)... I remember so many of the wonderful things that she fixed for us: cheese rolls to die for, rhubarb pie, the best cooked apples I've ever had, her Ambrosia, her Prune Cake, etc. My kids remember Mom's butterscotch cookies. She ALWAYS had home-made cookies for her grandchildren.

Every year, as gifts to my teachers and leaders, Mom would make home-made candy. I was her 'helper' ---having to wrap each piece in wax paper... I think all of my teachers appreciated that gift every year. Mom would leave a tiny bit for us at home. I wish I could have some of that candy now. YUM!!!!

This is a picture of Mom's helper---ME!!!!! She desperately wanted to teach me how to cook, but I was more interested in BOYS and things like that while in high school!!!! Now she is not here for me to 'help.' (Wish she were here to see how wonderful my life has turned out !! I also have lots of questions I would ask her now about our Family History!!)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

P.S. In both of these old pictures (taken about 1956), look at the old stove, that table and chairs, the curtains, and the big turkey roaster sitting on the table. I STILL have and use that big turkey pan!!!! Neat, huh?