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Monday, December 30, 2019


Dance with us into 2020!!!
Dear Friends/Family,  I hope you have had a good 2019 ---and will have an even  BETTER 2020.  After living through 2017 with so much tragedy in our family,  and then 2018 (when I was so sick with my A Fib/medications) ---I can say that I have had a GREAT 2019.  

On  April 10,  I finally got to see a new heart doctor (An Electrophysiologist) for my A Fib...   Dr. Bradford scheduled a Cardioversion which I had on April 23...   It WORKED... For the first time in over a year,  my heart was beating normally.   Then on  June 13 ---I had a Cardiac Ablation ---which worked also... SO---except for a couple of short A Fib Episodes (Nov. 5 and Dec. 18)--my heart is 'behaving' nicely!!!!!!  Dr. Bradford gave me my life back ---so I'll definitely say that I had a good 2019!!!!

As I've said before,  A Fib is NEVER totally gone --but if I can keep mine controlled without those horrible medications,  then I'm fine!!!!  I thank God for every minute I'm alive and feeling good!

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?   I do not for the most part --but usually decide on one very important thing in my life to work on that will help improve my life.... These days,  as a 77 year old woman,  my emphasis is (and will be forever I'm sure) on my HEALTH.   So --for all of my older friends out there,   I wish for you GOOD HEALTH in 2020.   For all of you younger friends ---I wish for you many more years of doing what you can and want to in life.. Do not put things off until retirement -or until you get older because as you know,  there are no guarantees in life...DO IT NOW.

George and I are blessed (compared to others our age) with 'fairly' good health.  We can still travel some and definitely are enjoying life to its fullest.   However,   as we age,  we are slowing down --and things which may have been simple a few years ago are getting harder!!!!!

Today though,  as our picture shows above ---we are DANCING in 2020 with JOY.   Won't you dance with us????


Much Love,