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Monday, October 14, 2013

What I LOVE about AUTUMN

1.  COOLER Temperatures  (can wear sweatsuits,  sweaters, etc.) (Photo from Internet)
There are so many wonderful things about FALL/AUTUMN.    I do love spring ---but in many ways,  I love Fall even more!!!!!   Today I will share 12 things that I love about Autumn (not in any particular order)... I'm sure you can add to the list---so this is a chance for you to tell me other ways that we can ALL enjoy Fall...

Above is a photo talking about one thing  I really love about Autumn:  cooler temperatures --so that we can wear our new sweatsuits,  sweaters,  scarves,  etc.... Gotta love it!!!! 

2.   Fires in our Wood-burning Fireplace
Above is a photo I took on  October 8, 2013.... We had our FIRST wood-fire of the season that evening....   I LOVE it.... There's just not much better than a warm, cozy, roaring fire in the fireplace!!!! 

3.  PUMPKIN Fudge  (Photo from Internet)
Those who know me know that I love ANYTHING Pumpkin... I had some Pumpkin Fudge while on vacation.  I also am enjoying Pumpkin Spice Coffee and Pumpkin Hot Tea.....  YUM!!!!!  Give me lots of things made from Pumpkin this time of year!!!!

4.   Fall Colors on the Trees
Here is a photo I took a few years ago here in Fairfield Glade during the peak of Fall season.   Isn't that a gorgeous tree????

5.   Honey Crisp Apples  (Photos from the Internet)
George and I  love APPLES---and in the Fall,  we can get our favorite EATING apple,  the Honey Crisp Apple.  Honey Crisp Apples are crisp,  and are sweet AND tart....  WONDERFUL!!!!

6.  Hiking --and feeling the crunch of leaves under my feet!
We love HIKING during all seasons (except the hot summers).   There's nothing better than hiking in the mountains (this was taken by George while we were on the Foothills Parkway in the Smokies in 2012) ---especially in the Fall.   I love the cooler air and I really love hearing the leaves crunch under my feet when I am hiking!

7.  It's Football Time in Tennessee (Photo from Internet)
I LOVE Football --especially my Tennessee Vols... SO----Fall here in Tennessee is an exciting time for us.... 

8.  Hot Apple Cider  (Photo from the Internet)
Besides Pumpkin Coffee and Pumpkin Hot Tea,  I also LOVE Hot Apple Cider this time of year.... Delicious---and the house smells wonderful when it is on the stove!!!!

9.  Blowing the Leaves
YES---this is work,  but one of my jobs all Fall is to either rake and/or blow the leaves out of the yard...  I truly enjoy it ---and it's good exercise.   This photo was taken a few years ago --when I had really short hair and was several pounds heavier....  (Another thing I love about Autumn is not only blowing leaves;  it is PLAYING in the leaves!!!  I am a child at heart!)

10.  Electric Blanket  (Photo from the Internet)
Here is another Fall/Winter favorite of mine----our Electric Blanket... I am sorta weird in that I love to sleep in a cold bedroom (with the windows opened) ---with the 'blankie' turned on... It's TERRIFIC to get into a warm bed at nights!!!

11,  Winter Pansies Planted
Fall is the time when we plant  lots of Winter Pansies in our yard.  They are so pretty and give the yard a little color through the drab winters here.

12.  Decorating the house/yard
And  finally,  here is another thing I love about Autumn... I am not a 'huge' decorator this time of year,  but do enjoy putting out a few things to celebrate the season.  This photo was taken on October 9,  2013.

WELL---I'm sure I have left out many other things which people love about Autumn.... Now--it's YOUR turn to give some of your favorite things about Fall....

The key though is to just get outside and enjoy life --anyway you can!!!

Have a great day!