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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day with Grandchildren at Fall Creek Falls State Park, TN

On Friday,  7/12/13,  George and I had a special day at Fall Creek Falls State Park here in Tennessee with a couple of our Tennessee Grandchildren.  We saw lots of waterfalls and did quite a bit of hiking... We had a perfect day --with mild temperatures and low humidity...

At 5 p.m.  we met the parents (son Jeff and daughter-in-law Dawn) in Dayton  (at Jacob Myers Restaurant by the River) for dinner.   After dinner,  George and I came home and the grandchildren went home with Jeff and Dawn for the weekend.  They celebrated our Granddaughter's  15th birthday on Saturday (her birthday was July 7)...   SO---everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Today,  I'll share some photos from that special day at Fall Creek Falls with these two wonderful young people.  Above is a picture of the four of us standing in front of the Cascades...  (We could even feel the spray from that wild water.) 

Here's a photo of the CANE CREEK CASCADES  with LOTS of water.  We have had so much rain this spring/summer so far that the waterfalls were REALLY flowing on the day we were there...   Loved it!!!!   You can see the swinging bridge above the cascades if you look closely.. Now--check out the next picture!!!

Here is a photo I took of the kids on that swinging bridge... I have been across that wobbly bridge before ---but opted to stand at the brink of the falls and take photographs on that day!!!!! ha... See them up there????

George was busy taking his own photos (using his special filter) of the rushing water, while the kids played on the Swinging Bridge.   Here is one of his 'silky' water photos taken that day.

George took this photo of GRAMMY with the 2 grandchildren at the brink of the Cascades...

The kids really got up close and personal with the CASCADES....  Bet they got pretty wet!!!!

We also visited CANE CREEK FALLS --and enjoyed seeing a RAINBOW over the falls.

This is what CANE CREEK FALLS looks like after we hiked to an overlook on the other side of the canyon.  George took this fabulous photo of this waterfall.... Neat,  isn't it?

George took this photo of Grammy with the grandchildren from the overlook above CANE CREEK FALLS and ROCKHOUSE FALLS.    In this photo,  you can see ROCKHOUSE FALLS on the left. 

Here is a picture of these wonderful young people when we were on our trail.  Our Grandson is into Music, and will be in the high school band again this year.  As a Senior,  he is thinking about colleges now...  The G randdaughter (as you can tell from her shirt) plays rugby on her high school team.

Here's an adorable photo of our 'Monkey'---as she climbed the trees in the area near our path...

On our hike,  we crossed over a couple of creeks on little bridges.  Here is a photo of the kids standing on one of the bridges.  As many times as George and I have been to Fall Creek Falls,  we have NEVER seen this much water in these creeks... Amazing!

Here is a photo of the 'main' waterfall at Fall Creek Falls State Park,   appropriately  named FALL CREEK FALLS.  This waterfall is 256 feet high --and had more water on this day than I think we have EVER seen.  Amazing!  The little waterfall next to Fall Creek Falls is called COON CREEK FALLS.

After our hike,  we drove along the bluffs to see the hawks and buzzards...  Look what else we saw!!!  That Mama Deer wasn't paying a bit of attention to that little fawn.  This little guy almost walked up to our car!!!!  (Thanks to our Granddaughter for spotting this little Bambi!)

We stopped at Buzzard's Roost  and I snapped a photo of George --with the grands...

Look at those beautiful TENNESSEE MOUNTAINS!!!

We could have sat there on those rocks for HOURS and just admired all of the beauty around us...  Oh how glorious it is to be out in nature!!!!

After a wonderful day together,  we met their parents for dinner.... Here's a picture of son Jeff and beautiful daughter-in-law, Dawn,  at the dinner table.

We had a wonderful day --and hope to do it again in early Fall!!!!!  And to our Granddaughter:  We hope you had a wonderful birthday this year!!!!

Have a great Wednesday.   Check out a pretty photo on  My Photo Blog today.  Click HERE.