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Monday, October 5, 2015

What We Saw while at the Tetons and Yellowstone -August, 2015

Beautiful female ELK
I have so many great memories from our latest Western Trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone in August, 2015... With so many pictures to go through and so many wonderful memories ---it is HARD to pick and choose what to feature on my blog.

Today I will share some of the wildlife we saw along with a few more 'purdies' for you.  Hope you enjoy!  Be sure to click on the pictures for enlargements.

Lots of pretty wildflowers in bloom, and this one also included a BUTTERFLY

BISON/Buffalo---having a 'staring contest' with ME!!!!  I think he won!

A MAGPIE --dancing a jig for us!

A close-up of some of the 'wheat-grass'-looking stuff!

Some PRONGHORN Antelopes

Some kind of fancy Dragon-Fly

A zoomed-in photo of a OSPREY nest --high on some rocks in the Canyons area of Yellowstone;  A man pointed it out to us since it was hard to see with the naked eye.

I don't know what this wildflower is/was --but the colors reminded me of Autumn (even though it was only the end of August).

A Beautiful Mountain Bluebird;  I love 'my' Eastern Bluebirds here at home,  but seeing these guys in Wyoming was a FIRST for me.

BISON-TRAFFIC-JAM;  On two different evenings,  we drove on this road (Mormon Row Rd) to see the HUGE herds of Bison (at sunset).... On this evening,  we also enjoyed a gorgeous evening sky!

My favorite capture of the entire trip:  a MOOSE
I saved the best 'til last since seeing a MOOSE was my goal before taking this trip... Not only did I see one Moose---but I saw two!!!!!  I was a very happy camper--as my Facebook friends can tell you!

WELL---I could go on and on --with more pictures... BUT--I'll stop for now!  Compared with our September trip here in 2012,  seeing the Moose was great --but we didn't seen nearly as many Elk as we did in 2012.  We did see more Bison --and getting to see the Osprey and its nest and the Mountain Bluebird were very special this year.  BOTTOM LINE:  Each time we visit,  we make more and more great memories.

Have a wonderful week.  After lots of rain and gloom here,  we are finally getting some sunshine this week.  YEAH!