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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mountain Laurel in North Carolina

We are home from a couple of days with our good friends, Judy and Charlie, at their vacation home in the mountains of North Carolina. To say we had a wonderful time is an understatement... We had the most awesome time EVER. These are such great friends ---and this particular trip was the BEST.

I will share more about this trip with you in days to come. Today, I want you to see what we saw ALL around their yard and their entire area... None of us had ever seen the Mountain Laurel as gorgeous as it is this year. I felt like I was in heaven --with all of this laurel ALL over the mountainside in that gorgeous area... It was truly awesome.

Both George and I took a 'trillion' (ha) pictures of the laurel ---so I was able to pick out several to show you... Just look at these pictures and imagine yourself totally surrounded with these beauties. There were white ones, light pink ones, light purple ones and dark pink ones... Absolutely amazing....

Hope you had a good week. We certainly did!!!! More to come about this trip!!!!!