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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

2020 Memories

Dear Blog Friends,  I was hoping to get this post ready for yesterday --but just didn't finish it... I will say that when looking back on 2020,  in the midst of all of the struggles,  there were some great happenings --and now, great memories.  Today I will share some of the good times in 2020.  

Beginning with the picture above:  In January, 2020,   son Mark and his gal, Robin,  treated George and me to a Night Out in Downtown Knoxville.  They first took us to a restaurant for an awesome dinner,  and THEN  we went to the theater for a fabulous production entitled  DRUMLINE LIVE...  Wow--what a great show --and evening...  That was definitely a highlight in 2020.  


For George's Birthday trip this year,  March of 2020,  we visited BLACKWATER FALLS State Park in West Virginia...  We hiked to the Lindy Point overlook in the park and had a great view of the gorge below...(This trip was JUST before the Covid Virus came to our area and caused all kinds of problems in our country.)

After Covid 'hit'--we didn't do much for awhile other than stay at home...It was hard since traveling and doing the things we wanted to do weren't happening now.. Even buying 'normal' things at the Grocery Stores was hard.   Those hard times --especially, not getting to be with family or friends--were difficult.   SO--for Mother's Day (May, 2020),  Mark and Robin took us to the top of a mountain (Buck Bald, TN) and cooked us an awesome picnic lunch/dinner... YUM...  It was wonderful seeing them and spending time with them that day--where we could 'social distance' in the Great Outdoors... Those kids worked SO hard to do this for us,  and it is definitely a great highlight for us, during a difficult 2020!

Through all of the gloomy and hard times in 2020,  there's one thing which never ever changed...  We enjoyed all of our beautiful spring/summer/fall FLOWERS  ---and all of them bloomed showing off their beauty despite the Covid Virus.   AND --they didn't even have to wear a mask nor 'social distance'....  ha


After cancelling several trips,  we finally decided to make a short trip to PISGAH INN (not far from Asheville, North Carolina) for a few days in June, 2020 (to celebrate our anniversary).  The Inn did a fabulous job of helping us to follow the rules, and remain safe.  We had dinner reservations --and the restaurant did a great job of spacing the tables out due to Social Distancing.  AND--Breakfasts were brought to our room each morning.  That worked well--and we were SO happy to take this much-needed trip.   This picture was taken from our room with a view of some fog in the mountains. 


On our trip to Pisgah Inn in June of 2020,  we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway beyond the Craggy Gardens area --just to visit a waterfall which we hadn't seen in awhile... This huge cascade is named  Roaring Fork Falls  Isn't it gorgeous? 


After cancelling a couple of short trips in Spring,  George and I finally made a trip to one of our favorite places,  the BILTMORE HOUSE and GARDENS  (Asheville, NC) in July 2020.  We missed most of the Spring blooms this year,  but this collage shows you some of what we saw that day.



In August, 2020,  to celebrate my Birthday,  we first went to the Peaks of Otter and then to the Skyland Resort (in Virginia) --for our longest trip since Covid began.   Again though,  everywhere we went, people did a fantastic job of helping to keep us safe...  Social Distancing was well-done --and we wore masks almost everywhere we went.   We had a great time --and one of the many highlights of this trip was on my Birthday,  when we visited the LURAY CAVERNS  in Luray, Virginia.   I had been to the caverns when I was a child,  but it was great getting to go back this trip.... We both thoroughly enjoyed the caverns. 



And the BIGGEST HIGHLIGHT of 2020 for me was when George took me to an overlook on Skyline Drive ON my Birthday (August 5, 2020) ---and this amazing sunrise was there JUST for ME.    How awesome is this!!!!!  I've seen a lot of sunrises through the years --but this one has to be one of the best for me!  

1. A picture taken from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of the beautiful COLORS;

In mid-October 2020,   George and I made our 'annual' "Fall Colors Trip"  to check out the Fall Beauty  in the Smokies (one day) and also along the Cherohala Skyway (2nd day).  We spent the night at the Fryemont Inn in Bryson City, NC...   Social Distancing/Mask wearing all worked out well on this trip also ---and as you can see by the pictures,  the Autumn Colors were marvelous this year!!!!


2.  The next day we drove along the Cherohala  Skyway ---and loved the Fall Colors we saw!!!  (Talk about finding the perfect day/days to be there!!!!)


The hardest part of 2020 was during the holidays... Covid got worse in our area --so everyone was being even more careful --including us.  George and I cancelled our early December trip to Ocean Isle Beach --which made us both sad.   AND --not having any family gatherings at either Thanksgiving or Christmas wasn't easy this year.   We did manage to see all of our kids/families during December --but that meant a lot of driving for us...

As exhausting and depressing as 2020 was,   I must say that getting some snow here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was FANTASTIC for the snow-lover in the family, ME!!!!!   The picture shows a White Christmas-- for the first time since 2010.  Thanks be to God for sunrises/sunsets/and SNOW!!!!! 

Most of us have entered 2021 with new hopes,  new joys,  new dreams ---while waiting  (not so patiently) for the Covid Virus to leave us FOREVER...  By the way,  George and I got the FIRST Covid VACCINE on January 2, 2021--and are waiting to get an appointment to get our 2nd shot  soon....  YEAH!!!!!!

Blessings to all for an awesome 2021... I'm not sure how much more BLOGGING I am going to do this year,  but right now,  I'm running on empty!!!!!!  I am still struggling with all of the Blogger changes --which take away much of the freedom we have of personalizing our blogs to what WE want.  AND--that has taken much of my joy OUT of blogging.  I will be back ---when I have something to share!!!  

Much Love to ALL,



Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year --2021

Dear Blog Friends,   George and I truly wish each of you a very Happy New Year.   2021 will be an awesome year for all of us.  Keep a good attitude,  continue being careful and stay safe....  God's Blessings to YOU!!!!!

WELL Friends,  2020 is OVER--GONE---Bye Bye!!!!!!  Are you ready to jump into 2021?????   I'll bet you ARE --and so are WE.

HAPPY 2021 to ALL!!!!  (I'm taking next week off from Blogging --so I'll see you on January 11, 2021.)