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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Colors from Maggie Valley

Welcome to day two of our "Getaway Gang" vacation to Maggie Valley, NC. Yesterday was actually our first FULL day together since last year... We have had LOTS and LOTS to catch up on ---so you can only imagine the four of us chatting, giggling, chatting and giggling some more. Of course, "quiet me" hasn't gotten a word in edgewise.... Har Har Har...

I won't tell you that we stayed in our night clothes and robes ALL day long --because you wouldn't believe it. And I won't tell you that we have eaten and nibbled most all day ---because you wouldn't believe it either... SO---let me just say that 'life is slow and easy here on the mountain'. We four old women (oops--I mean young girls) are having a wonderful time together.

Here are a few more pictures from Maggie Valley. I took these yesterday morning when the sun was hitting the trees and the Fall colors were sparkling!!! Note those 'Blue Ridge' mountains above!

Here is a pretty view from our deck at the cabin.

I took this picture from our screened-in porch to show you the pretty colors. What I didn't realize was that I showed you that gorgeous picture of the grill cleaner. Didn't I do a great job????? ha

How did I know that they would have a couple of bird feeders here on the deck JUST for me??? It's a good thing I brought some bird feed just in case!!!!!! Yesterday, we saw crows, woodpeckers, cardinals, tufted titmice, chickadees and juncos. They loved that sunflower seed that I brought with me!!!

Hope your week is going well. I'll have to catch up with comments next week. We are just TOO busy up here---working SO hard!!!!!

By the way, please look at George's blog from yesterday... The picture is hilarious!!!! Click HERE .