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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas at the Beach

George and I always visit Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina every May... This year,  we decided to visit that area just before Christmas also.  WOW--what a treat we had...  It was cold there,  so we didn't enjoy the beach very much--like we do in May.  BUT---there were many other things which we did enjoy that we don't see in May.

As you can imagine I have several sets of pictures to share with you... HA HA HA.... Today,  I'll share some pictures around the Islander Inn --where we stayed on the beach at Ocean Isle.  Above is a picture from our balcony showing the dunes and waves...  Can you believe that there was almost NOBODY around????  Loved it!!!!

George did manage to take a walk along the beach one day --even though it was cold and windy!   He captured this great picture under the fishing pier.

For the three days we were there,  Mother Nature gave us several kinds of weather.  On this particular day,  it was FOGGY all day long....  Luckily,  we had no rain (nor snow--thank goodness)---but  on this particular day,  the fog remained with us...  It was relaxing!!!!

All of these shore-birds (gulls)  were lined up waiting for ANYONE to come by and give them something to eat...  BUT--there weren't that many people walking on the beach while we were there.

Here's another favorite picture of the dunes, sea grass,  waves and fog....

On one of our clear days,  we could see the Casino boats going out to sea --from the Little River Waterfront... Gambling is one thing which George and I do not do since I'm sure I'd lose my shirt (and MORE)... ha ha ... BUT--there are always plenty of people getting on those boats every single day to gamble....

More pictures to come!!!!!!  Are you getting ready to celebrate the New Year???  What will you do?  George and I will stay at home and watch some football on TV,   watch the ball fall in Times Square on New Year's Eve, and enjoy some Eggnog.  That is the extent of our 'big' celebration... ha