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Monday, January 29, 2018

Who doesn't just love SUNSETS?

Watching the sunset from our cruise ship!!!!
Today is just a fun post ---hoping to make you smile.....   George and I LOVE sunsets and sunrises...  Some of the most joyful times in my travels are when we can see a glorious sunset/sunrise.... We've seen many many through the years on our travels  --and never tire of seeing them...

SO--today I picked out some to share with you... Just grab a cup of coffee or hot tea,  sit back,  and just SMILE.....  We all need to SMILE a lot,  don't we?

Another shot from our cruise in 2001

Sunset   from the Tetons  2015

Sunset Sky from the golf course right here at home,  Fairfield Glade, TN,  2015

First time  I had ever seen a Sun Dog,  Ocean Isle Beach,  NC,   2013

A gorgeous Sunset Sky,   Ocean Isle Beach,  2013

Mt.  Nebo,  Arkansas  2016

Sunset  at Lake Jackson in the Tetons,  2015

A Starry Sun at sunset at Ocean Isle Beach,  NC  2010

Sunset along the Blue Ridge Parkway,  2010

We have the most gorgeous sunsets from our cabin at Mt. Nebo, Arkansas each year in February;    This was was in 2014.

Sunset  from Yellowstone,  2012

Another great sunset from  Ocean Isle Beach,  NC -- 2015

Interesting sky during this Sunset at Ocean Isle Beach,  2015

One of my favorite Sunsets was in 2011,  at the Grand Canyon

Looking down on the Shenandoah Valley from Skyline Drive/Skyland,  2017

Two people enjoying taking pictures of the SUNSET,   2012
Well--- I have many, many more --but these are some of the first ones I found....  Hope you enjoyed seeing God's Beauty today!!!!!!   One thing is for certain:  No two sunsets are alike,  and they are ALL beautiful and unique....

Hope you enjoyed!!!!