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Monday, February 17, 2020

Son Mark is a "Happy CAMPER"

Why is MARK so happy on Valentine's Day??????????
Dear Friends,  As you can see from the picture above,  my son MARK is EXTREMELY happy these days... He absolutely loves the Smokies --and just being out in nature (whether he is hiking or driving his jeep,  or just sitting by a creek in his hammock)!!!!!

On Valentine's Day --he finally made a big purchase  (which he has been contemplating buying for quite some time).... He now is the proud owner of a POP-UP CAMPER.  He wanted something for camping that he can pull behind his 'purdy' Little RED JEEP...

He got a used one which had been used very little.   He loves it ---and was so excited that he invited George and me to come and see it.... Of course,  I don't want to miss an opportunity to see my sons....  So we drove to Maryville on Saturday  (2/15/20)  to check it out.     All I can say is "WOW".....  I am just SO excited for him/them.

He was still busy reading the manual and learning all about the bells and whistles...  This little beauty sleeps 4 easily and 6 if necessary.... There is a king bed on one end and a queen bed on the other.  There's a little stove and sink,  a small fridge,  and a table and benches which seat four. AND--the camper has AC/Heat, plus a small water heater.  To be an older camper,  this camper is in immaculate shape... He was lucky to get this one.. BUT--he has been looking for the 'perfect one' for him (and Bert and Robin) for a long time...

Besides "oohing and ahhing" over the new "TOY" ----we also just enjoyed seeing our kids for a few hours!!!!!   George and I took them to lunch --and they chose to go to Cheddar's.... Excellent choice --and we all enjoyed it...

Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures!!!!!   By the way,  they have invited us to go camping with them sometime.....  Hmmmmmm---sounds intriguing!!!!

There it is...  The new POP-UP CAMPER.  

Welcome to your new home,  Mr. Camper.... This one was taken when they first got home with it the night before.

Mark and another son, Bert (on left) showing the 'parents' the new TOY!!!

Mark and Robin are SO excited ---and ready to hit the road and do some camping!!

Come inside  and Mark and Robin will show you around...  We are looking toward the king sized bed in this picture.

Their little table with a bench on both sides

A small sink and stove  (They even have a small tank for hot water!!)

George and Bert are showing off the other end  --with stove/sink,  table/benches and queen sized bed.

They even have a TV out there now --which they hooked up!!!! 

After we left,  Mark hooked up the awning and brought out a couple of chairs...  (I 'think' that Robin even took a short nap inside!!!!!! ha)

My JOY---Being with 2 of my 3 sons!!!! 

Bert, George and Mark

Bert, George, Mark, and Robin

Bert, Mom, Mark, Robin

They are home!!!!!!!  (Taken on the evening of 2/14/20;  What a Valentine's Present!!)
I must tell you a story!!!!    Mr Fancy Red Jeep  whispered something in my ear which made me very very SAD!!!!!  He used to be the center of attention,  and the garage was his to enjoy--especially during these cold mornings!!!   NOW---he lost his 'home' and has to sit outside....    AND --- not only was he sad about being 'second fiddle' but he also has to pull that heavy thing around!!!!  POOR MR. JEEP!!!!!   Don't you feel sorry for him??????????   Tee Hee Hee!!!

Hope you enjoyed the happiness in our family on this special occasion!!!!   Mark is an outdoor person from top to bottom ---and I LOVE following him  (and Robin) on their hikes and 'adventures'...   Those two will REALLY enjoy the camper I'm sure!!!!

Have an awesome week, my Friends!!!