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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elk at Cataloochie

If you have missed any of my posts from our recent trip, please go to my sidebar, scroll down to Labels, and click on Maggie Valley 10/10. This is my 3rd post from this wonderful trip...

As I mentioned before, there were two things which we really wanted to see on this trip (besides being with friends, Neal and Patti). These two things were: to see the Autumn Colors; and to see the Elk at Cataloochee Valley. We definitely accomplished both...

Today, I will show you some pictures of some of the elk we saw ---and then tomorrow, my photos will tell a story!!!!!! We enjoyed seeing the elk ---and hearing them BUGLE was just as exciting as seeing them... We had an awesome time.

Above is a picture of a group of them. Below are more!

This is a picture of a Mama and baby.... Cute, huh?

I was drawn to the males --because of their racks!!!!

The females are pretty too ---and in the groups which we saw this week, they seemed to outnumber the males.

Another beautiful male; Isn't he amazing?

Here are two males in another field.... No ladies around !!!! Guess they were taking a break!!!!! ha

Finally, this is one of my favorite pictures... The elk on the left is scratching his back --using his rack!!!! Neat, huh???

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the elk from Cataloochee Valley (near Maggie Valley, North Carolina)... Tune in tomorrow for an Elk Story...

Have a wonderful day.

P.S. George and I got good reports yesterday at the Eye Doctor, during our annual check-ups. Our eyes are in good shape----no glaucoma, no cataracts, and no signs of macular degeneration.... That is especially good news for George since macular degeneration is in his family. Praise be to God!