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Monday, June 22, 2020

Join us for a Little Walk Around DRY FALLS

One of George's fancy, neat pictures of DRY FALLS, taken on 6/15/20
Dear Friends,   Tomorrow  (6/23/20) is George's and my 19th Wedding Anniversary.  We are starting 20 years --which have been some of the best years of my life...

Due to Covid-19,  we haven't traveled much this year YET---- until last week.  Since Pisgah Inn (along the Blue Ridge Parkway west of Asheville, North Carolina) was opened with very strict Social Distancing rules,  we decided to celebrate our anniversary a week early.  

We spent  Monday,  6/15,  through Thursday,  6/18,   at one of our all-time favorite inns,  Pisgah Inn...  AND--of course,  we enjoyed visiting some waterfalls we hadn't seen in awhile,  plus we got to take some great hikes...  It was wonderful to get out in nature and enjoy God's beautiful world.

Today I'll take you on a little WALK --as we visited DRY FALLS  near Highlands, North Carolina along the Cullasaja Gorge area on 6/15/20.  Put on your hiking shoes and come with me!!!   WARNING:   Prepare to get a little wet as you walk behind the Falls!!!!   BUT --on a hot summer day,  that water felt good!!!!!!

Here we are---beginning our walk around the beautiful waterfall!!!

Getting a little closer!!!!   Are you getting excited????   (There are a few people around --but not too many.)

Here's a very happy woman ---getting closer to Dry Falls (which incidentally is NOT dry).... ha

WOW---what a big waterfall!!!! We are getting closer and closer!!!!!  Don't be scared!!!!!

Now we are starting to walk behind the waterfall... Prepare to get wet!!!!

A picture taken as we begin to walk under the falls!!!

Whew---that felt good!!!! Now --we're coming out on the OTHER side!

Here comes George!!!   He stopped to take more pictures.

We made it to the other side!!!!  Do you like it????

George got some GREAT pictures of this amazing waterfall!!!!

A 'damp' but happy woman on the 'other' side of the waterfall!!!

Another of George's amazing pictures of Dry Falls!
Well---except for getting quite damp,  I hope you enjoyed taking the walk with us around that beautiful waterfall.... If you ever get to western North Carolina,  be sure and visit the Cullasaja Gorge area between Franklin and Highlands....  It's an amazing journey!!!!!

Have a great week ---and stay happy and healthy.... And --a Happy Belated Father's Day to all of the fathers out there!!!!   Much Love!!!