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Monday, November 2, 2015

Late October Colors In and Around our Yard and Area --2015

So many different colors here (10/27/15)
We had a gorgeous October here in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee... I already posted some pictures from the first part of the month ---so today,  I'll share some from the middle of the month to the end. 

I'll also show you some FLOWER surprises in addition to the pretty Fall Leaves/Colors.. We have had a warm Fall,  with only one/two nights with temperatures in the 30's  ---so our Roses and Daylilies and Irises have really enjoyed blooming this month and during September.   I love having RE-BLOOMING flowers ---and it's so special to see them bloom during these couple of months... Of course,  our fantastic ROSES will bloom until frost ---so they just continue putting on a show for us also.

We took a trip to West Virginia the week of October 19 ---so we missed the 'actual'  BEST week for colors here in our area  (the colors here were actually prettier than what we saw most of the time in West VA).   BUT---we still saw beauty in so many places off and on all month... Hope you enjoy today's COLORS.  Be sure to click on them for enlargements.

BURNING BUSH near our home--10/24/15;   We have LOTS of these in our area and the reds are so pretty this time of year.

BLATANT IRIS   (10/26/15)

In trying to capture the colors on our trees,  I also managed to get the flag AND an ABOUT FACE ROSE in full bloom.  (10/26/15)

Beautiful Fall Colors near our home  (10/28/15)

WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS IRIS  (10/26/15) ---I love this yellow and white color in this one.  The purple and yellow ones behind this one are Blatant Irises.

I took this one on a walk near one of the lakes here in Fairfield Glade on 10/14/15...

I love all of the Fall Colors ---but am partial to RED.. This tree is in our front yard.  (10/24/15)

DARING SPIRIT ROSE which George surprised me with one morning (10/27/15);  Most of you know that George brings me a rose inside to enjoy most every morning.  Right now there are 7 of them in the house blooming --just for me!!!!!   Isn't Daring Spirit gorgeous?

Our PINK DOGWOOD Leaves in Fall,  but they are definitely not PINK now!!!!! ha  (10/24/15)


More beautiful Fall Colors near our house (10/25/15)

Another picture taken on our walk near the lake (10/14/15);  Don't you love the reflections in this one?


FLOOR SHOW IRIS (10/26/15)
WELL---since we walk twice a day now in our area,  I have LOTS more Fall pictures to share sometime from our walks including walks along the golf course.  SO---maybe (when I have time),  I'll share more of our gorgeous Fall pictures with you.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing not only the pretty leaf colors --but also the flowers still blooming in our yard... They will continue to bloom as long as there is not a freeze/frost... So far---so good!!!!!!

Have a fabulous week/month... Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite seasons --and I like to enjoy it before even thinking about Christmas... But --I love Christmas also,  so we have a couple of wonderful months ahead of us... ENJOY LIFE to its fullest.